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Over 70 soldiers facing trial at 7 Division General Court Martial for various offences

AHMED MARI, Maiduguri

Over 70 soldiers of the Nigerian Army are facing trial before the 7 Division General Court Martial led  by the Acting General Officer Commanding (GOC) the  Division, Brigadier General Abdul Ibrahim, for various offences.

Inaugurating  the General Court Martial at the Maimalari Cantonment, Maiduguri on Thursday, the GOC said : “In pursuance of the powers  conferred on me as the Acting GOC of the 7 Division Nigerian Army under section 131(2) (d) of the Armed Forces Act CAP A20 LFN hereby inaugurates this 7 Division General Court Martial on this day 7 November 2019”.

General Ibrahim said: “The Military World over are known for the maintenance of discipline and decorum while discharging their duties. The ability of the military to ensure success in operations is better achieved when the ethics and traditions aimed at enhancing discipline are encouraged”.

“In this regard, acts of cowardice, desertion, unsoldierly behaviour and other forms of indiscipline have no place in army, more so, an Army executing war. It is against this background that I decided to convene a General Court Martial under my command. The powers conferred on me as a General Officer Commanding under section 131 sub section (d) of the Armed Forces Act CAP  A20 LFN are brought to bear in fulfilling this command responsibility”, the Acting GOC added.

He further said: “Thus, court does not have any special interest to serve rather than routine duties carried out within the legal confines of regimentation. This goes to show that the principle of natural justice, equity and fairness, which are enabling pillars of this General Court Martial will surety guide its conducts throughout “.

He called on the President and members of the Court, as well as other stakeholders to remember that an enormous task is placed on them and they should endeavour discharge the task fairly.

He, therefore, wished them wisdom and courage to function in accordance with the dictates of natural justices and fairness to all.

Also speaking, the Judge Advocate of the Court, Captain Aminu Mairuwa, said about 80 soldiers were facing trial for various offences of cowardice, abscondment, indiscipline, insubordination, among others

He said: “This court is equivalent to High Court and its judgment could be appealed at the Court of Appeal”.

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