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Only quality movies make impact at box office —Thespian

ONE of the nation’s rising thespians, Ademola Adedoyin, hs said it was only good quality celluloid motion picture that usually made their mark at the box-office.
Adedoyin told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the task of producing such movies was not a child’s play because of the technical artistry involved in the process.
The actor, speaking against the backdrop of lack of celluloid movies in the nation’s motion picture industry, noted that it was only competent hands that were cut out for such endeavours.
“Yes, many producers who know their onions produce films for the cinemas like it is done abroad, and for anyone to go through the cinema production you should know what you are doing.
“But there are a lot of teething problems that needs to be addressed for cinema to see a whole lot of films going in there. We do not have enough cinemas in the country for people to even go to for there to be a good film culture in the country,’’ he said.
Adedoyin also  said a good distribution technique must be adopted to enhance the availability of such films in the existing cinema houses and other platforms in the nation.
“There is supposed to be a system where people can get it quickly and then watch. A lot of people do not go to cinemas. It means that in this age and time, films released can be viewed through online and other cities in Nigeria simultaneously. It is vital that we fashion out ways to make people do that for relaxation and leisure,’’ he said.
Adedoyin, however, added that the reason why lots of people don’t patronise cinema houses was because they could not afford to pay N1, 500 to watch a film.
He said through laptops, palmtops and other media channels available to them, they could easily do that.
“If cinemas can be made cheaper, that will be great, it will attract lots of people. But having cinemas all over the country in every locality is very necessary so that people can easily have access to films,’’ the actor said.
He lamented that some of the earlier cinema houses had been converted to places of worship for Christians.
“Our local investors should invest in cinema houses to impart the culture into people.’’

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