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Ogunjobi resigns as Osun United boss

Former Nigeria Football Federation board member and General Secretary, Taiwo Ogunjobi , has resigned his position as chairman of Osun United, a national league outfit owned by the state government.

His resignation was informed by the directive of the Nigerian football body that chairmen of state football associations can no longer double as chairmen if football clubs.

Earlier in the week, the NFF sent circulars and media releases enforcing earlier circulars it sent out to all its affiliate bodies in respect of football officials playing multiple roles that amount to conflicts of interest in the football space.

It asked “all affiliates to send to the office of the National Integrity Officer received copies of resignation letters by all affected officials on or before 12th May 2017.

Among others, the NFF forbids club officials from operating as match commissioners or referees assessors.

Also, secretaries of state FAs are forbidden from being club secretaries “considering the fact that the State FA Secretaries in most cases are the chief organizers of matches within their territories”.

Other decisions include the barring of FA chairmen from holding positions in clubs.

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