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Obuh submits forms, promises to transform Delta

Delta State governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP) Sir, Tony Obuh has said he is ready to take the state to higher glory.
Obuh made the stated this after submitting his nomination and expression of interest forms at the PDP headquarters in Abuja at the weekend.
Obuh had while submitting his forms said, “I am here to inform our great party, PDP, of my intent  to run for the governorship seat of Delta State. I am here to also inform  our party leadership that we are determined to continue with the development  strides that our great party has been providing in Delta State. That will enable us  to open up all the windows of opportunities across the state to enable the  people to benefit from their full potential, to prove themselves. And finally, to present my form that has been endorsed by PDP in my state.”
“I am here submitting my forms because I have been able to go round the state to collect the mandatory signatories required to enable me submit the forms.
“It gives me the opportunity to further express my interest to  the party and its leadership more importantly to the people of Delta state  that I am set to serve them and empower them through the  various projects that we are going to run and transform the state.
“It is difficult for you to have any contest for any position without some little bit of rancor complaints and petitions here and there.
“I recall that at that venue when the results were collated and  presented to the people virtually all the contestants expressed satisfaction  as to how it was conducted except there are changes in the cause of time  between that day and today, maybe certain things might have happened otherwise, I  think that people felt fairly represented by what happened last Saturday.
“The party has the channel for resolving all issues and conflicts, I expect that they will live by the rules since that is what they want to promote.
Obuh had earlier said that what stands him apart from the crowd is   his vast knowledge about the need of his people.
His words: “In the greater part of my life I have been exposed to serve the people of Delta State, particularly in the last 32 years. I have been able to know and understand what I am capable of doing if I have the opportunity to serve my people in a higher office. I have not been  distanced from them, I have been on ground and I have what is required to provide  positive development for the state.”
He said when given the nod, “It will be an opportunity to create jobs for our people, an opportunity to encourage agriculture, because it remains a very potent force that is yet to be fully explored in terms of  economic development.”
He also  said he expect the party delegates to give him their mandate  to fly the party’s flag to enable him lead the state to and continue from where  the present  administration has progressively taken the oil-rich state to.
In a chat with journalists after submitting his form, Obuh who spoke on the face-off  between the Senate and Presidency said his party will come out of it as a more  united family on the rules it has developed for the administration of electioneering processes.
His words, “For me the party should just live by the rules that it has framed for  itself, it is not for me to say whether they should sway to one side or the  other. Everybody within the political party has the right to  aspire to any position and am sure the party has its rules as to how  to handle nomination and election into such offices they  should live by those rules.”
On the rumours about Chief James Onanafe Ibori’s endorsement of his candidacy, he said while he has not consulted with the former state governor  for his support, he will not turn it down if and when offered.
The aspirant said as a politician he covets the support of all  Deltans, Ibori inclusive.
The aspirant said that the recent delegate congress was peaceful and represents the  aspiration of the people, tasking grieving members to follow party internal  resolution mechanism to address the matter.

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