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NLC: Ajaero-led faction rogue union – NECA

UFOMBA UZUEGBU, Asst News Editor
Director-General of the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA), Mr Olusegun  Oshinowo, yesterday launched a blistering attack on the Ajaero-led faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), calling it a rogue union whose actions are not supported by the law.

Oshinowo , who stated this  during a press conference   at  the association’s head office yesterday on “industrial Relations’ Matter in the Banking Sector, the Confusion in the Labour Movement and the Way Forward”,  said that there is only one NLC which is led by  Comrade Ayuba  Wabba .
He was reacting to a statement credited to the Ajaero-led faction of the Congress which said it had not shelved its planned industrial action against the banks that were involved in the illegal mass – sack of workers, contrary to the agreement reached between NECA and the leadership of NLC led by Comrade Ayuba recently.
The statement from the AJaero group said : “The purported meeting does not therefore represent workers in the sector and was not in our interests as we were not consulted , neither did we participate in it.
“If the Employers through NECA extended any inducement to anybody to carry out this intended sabotage, we advise them to consider it a loss. We advise them that Nigerian workers as represented by us cannot be enticed into selling out our membership as may have been done in this case no matter the quantum involved”, among others.
Oshinowo who gave detailed analysis its engagement with the leadership of NLC in respect of the six anks penciled for picketing by the unions , also   dismissed the allegation of inducement to anybody,   as unfounded insisted that “NECA knows only one NLC and that is the NLC led by Ayuba Wabba .
“From our understanding of the law and practice of Industrial Relations, long before now, government ought to have prosecuted the faces of the promoter of the so-called Ajaero- faction of NLC because it is a rogue union, not supported y the law. The law very clear about it . That faction is acting illegally.
“For you to conduct trade union responsibility, you would have been duly registered y the Registrar of Trade Unions, an act which is backed up by a Certificate which will be issued to you by the Registrar of Trade Unions. That Certificate as of today is in the custody of the only NLC we know, which is led by Comrade Ayuba.
“Any other body that is parading itself as NLC is simply acting illegally.”
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