Home Opinion Nigerians react to Fela Durotoye’s presidential ambition

Nigerians react to Fela Durotoye’s presidential ambition

Nigerians react to Fela Durotoye’s presidential ambition

Nigerians have reacted to the intention of Fela Durotoye to run for president of Nigeria, questioning his ability.Fela, a consulting guru, leadership coach and public speaker, has declared his intention to run in the 2019 presidential election.

This has raised eyebrows on social media as some Nigerians have accused him of supporting Buhari in 2015 election, adding that he has no knowledge or expertise in government.Others supported his intention to run but stated that his registered party, ALLIANCE FOR A NEW NIGERIA, ANN will not make him win in 2019.

Here are some comments:

@kemiariyo “The same youths campaigning for #NotTooYoungToRun are the ones bad mouthing Fela Durotoye Presidential ambition.Dear youths, you know what you want, but you are just hypocrites.

@saviourluv “The moment anyone puts himself/herself out for d highest office, there will always b descenting voices, criticism n in other case abuses. But hey, its free speech ppl will say what they want. Can we help it? No

@edudarl “The logic embedded to this your question is similar to the mediocre logic that handed us Buhari lady term; “anybody but GEJ”. Clamouring for young leaders doesn’t mean I must support any young person, even if he’s as uncouth as Yahaya Bello

@osehbaldode “Fela Durotoye should start from lesser positions like House of Reps or State House of Assembly. We need to elect a President who has been tested and trusted. Someone with political experience. Fine words, youthful age and savvy SM skills does not cut it 4 me.

@Mc_Cprian “Not against Fela Durotoye or his aspirations. But what has he done; maybe something credible or worthy of praise in the state, local government or grassroot level, that can be used as a yardstick to match up his aspirations

@Ilynem “I am not going to vote him because he is young, handsome and brilliant. I am waiting to see his manifesto and hear what he has to offer. Then, I will make my decision. But it is very premature to rule him out now.

@nniyi “But, on a serious note I believe Mr. Fela Durotoye is the best shot Nigeria has at the moment. (Still waiting to see others) At least he’s better than those Padi Padi government people playing Draft with the country, the people and power. There is nothing like an educated mind.

“I’ll vote him not because I believe he’ll change Nigeria (bcos one man can’t) but for the same reason trump is president, a paradigm shift from the norm. Let’s see what he brings

@ekenekjobi “I like the idea of him coming out but the truth remains he needs a strong platform to win… All these new parties we don’t know about won’t offer him anything. He needs a STRONGGGG platform

@Akinalabi “Can Fela Durotoye win? YES, if a major party presents him. Win with a mushroom party? No chance. PARTY FIRST! I commend Fela Durotoye. Whether you believe he can win or not is not the point. Joining the fray is a big contribution. What about you, twitter warlords?

@manmustwack “I wish Fela Durotoye well and I think it is a very brave thing he is doing, however I personally will not vote for the man, I do not trust his judgement. He actively campaigned for Buhari in 2015 even though he had all the facts available about the man

@charlesnovia “The truth is bitter. Fela Durotoye is wasting his time, thinking he’s going to win in 2019. The Presidency is still zoned to the North and remains so for a few more years. Reality. Find a northern young turk with political experience if you must support the youth for 2019.

@bhadoosky “Fela Durotoye is dreaming and hoping for a better/new Nigeria.You that is not dreaming or hoping for anything good from this country thinks he should not aspire to lead. It’s ok.

“You align with the #NotTooYoungToRun dream but when you see the likes of Adamu Garba & Fela Durotoye making their intentions known to run for office, your hypocrisy sets in. Just vote for your 70/80 years old politicians who have been calling us leaders of tomorrow since 1970

@stalyf “I’m just seeing Fela Durotoye name pop all over as he intends to run for president but I see nothing to assess him.No track record apart from being a successful motivational speaker.The only thing is that he’s a young person?

@marshom “What’s Fela Durotoye’s public service record? Brilliant businessman does not necessarily translate to brilliant president. I don’t want to go from Buhari to Donald Trump.

@iammisterpaul “Dear Fela Durotoye, I honestly don’t care if you win or lose, but you have my support. We need to make a statement in 2019. We are tired of these old liars and money swallowing thieves. We need the actual CHANGE!

@Ije1 “Fela Durotoye sold Buhari to Nigerians as the only best thing that can happen to Man kind & Nigerians bought into it,so now Fela Durotoye wants to contest against that best thing that could happen to Nig,I don’t understand it. Somebody should wake me up please

@ogbenidipo “Unless Fela Durotoye is able to start expressing his views on these national issues, and brand himself as a successful Management Consultant, not a Motivational Speaker as the media has branded him, he doesn’t stand a chance. And any vote for him is a vote for Buhari and the APC.

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