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Nigeria must turn to God to move forward —Rev. Chidi Anthony

Rev. Chidi Anthony of Kings Power Ministry is in full of excitement over what God has done in his life and in his ministry. In his interview with correspondent Emmanuel Clement, he speaks on politics, Born Great Academy and his just concluded programme.

Sir what do you say about the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and the economic hardship in the country? Do you see Nigeria pulling through?
I do say it time without number that we need God’s intervention. The bible says in Chronicles 6, that if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray and ask for forgiveness of sins, he said he will heal the land. The truth is that Nigeria needs God’s intervention because day to day the economy is going down steady, the poor gets poorer, people can not feed themselves, the insecurity in the country which is the worst part of it. It’s of recent we have been hearing that the Fulani herdsmen, it wasn’t that serious in the history of Nigeria compare to the regime of our current president, do I say that they are people doing it to frustrate his tenure? This is a question that has never been answered. That is why I said we need God intervention. If only we can come together and seek the face of God before things will get better in this country, it might take some time if God did not intervene early it is going to be worst than now.
There is fear that there are plans to Islamize Nigeria by Buhari government and now we faced with unabated killings by Fulani herdsmen. What is your view?
There is different between fact and truth, the fact looks like the truth but at times is not the truth. Let me give you an instance about Joseph in the bible. The bible says his brother gathered, kill a ram, tore Joseph’s cloth and poured blood on his cloth, take it to the  father that the beast of the forest has finally devour our  brother. Check on him very well that he was the one that made the coat of many colours to his son Joseph because he loves him so much and the truth also is, the stain on the same cloth is a blood. If you check the fact there, is that the beast of the forest killed Joseph but the truth was that Joseph was sold by his brother. Based on this Fulani herdsmen, the way they are approaching the South East, killing people and that is why every human being will conclude the fact that this is plan A to Islamise Nigeria but only God knows the truth. That is why every Christian needs to gather. Let us not discriminate, let us come together as one, and let us seek the face of God. We as Christians need to come together and ask God for solution because the situation of this country is getting worse and escalating, before we could know it, it might be true that it is a plan to Islamise Nigeria. If God can liberate the people of Israel from the hand of the wicked king, there is nothing God cannot do.
As a spiritual father what is your advice to President Buhari?
My advice is- let him seek the face of God. No man assumes that seat without God’s knowledge. Some of my friends do say that Buhari is not supposed to be in that seat, it’s not the will of God that he rigged himself there, whether he rigged himself or not God is aware of it. If God don’t want him, he wouldn’t allow him be in that seat even with the rigging it cannot work. That means any man that sits on that throne God knows about it, so what he needs to do is to call that God who put him into the seat to also give him wisdom on what to do otherwise the way we are seeing things, Nigeria is not getting better and we cannot hide it, it’s high time we tell ourselves the truth.
Do you foresee a bright future in Buhari’s administration?
Seeing future is when you involve God. Vision without God cannot work, no matter how intelligent you might be, no matter how wise you might claim to be. If God is not in any vision it will be visionless, it cannot work out. If God did not intervene I did not see any future in this nation.
A lot of churches are coming up with opening a school. What is your intention for bringing up a school? Whose idea?
The bible says that, the footstep of a righteous man is ordered by God. I did not just wake up one morning and start thinking about opening a school. It is divinely ordered by God. People have different reasons for doing things but my reason for this, is to help people who cannot afford a qualitative education to make it affordable for them. We also create avenue whether you have money or not we will help you.  We see some motherless baby homes, orphanages and less privileged ones today they are built by Catholic and Anglican churches, even some orthodox churches build schools that are affordable, you will be able to train your child. But in most Pentecostal churches, their schools are being built on selfish interest, very expensive that their members and pastors cannot afford to pay the fees. That is why I have come with a different version as a Pentecostal pastor with a different correction and to make changes on their lapses.
Sir, can you tell us more about this Born Great Academy? Who are those that are qualified to attend?
“Born Great Academy” is a school that is established in helping some parents who cannot afford to train their children in expensive schools. We discovered that there are people in the church who are intelligent, we wouldn’t want their destinies to be wasted and be in shamble, that is why we decided to introduce “Born Great Academy school” to help the less privileged obtain quality education. For now, we are working on Nursery, Primary, and Secondary schools, and anybody from any locality is qualified to enjoy the benefit of the school, no matter the church you belong.
How did you get the vision?
The vision had always been there, even in my house now, when you come to my house you will see a lot of people living with me, at times people think they are my relations, I don’t even know where most of them come from. I have an orphan who is in university. There is this mentality we have that if you have maid, the highest thing you can do to the maid is for her to learn how to trade, learn saloon, tailoring etc that they are of low class and they are not qualified to have education. When you go to most Christians homes you don’t need to be told who their biological children are, you will know it by their dressing. You will also see some families, their children will be in the best private schools while their maid will be struggling  to attend public schools. I wanted to change their mentality that is why am bringing up this. I have people whom am paying their school fees in my house that I don’t even know where they come from or their village. There are some that I adopted and I train them to school, I have also given a lot of people scholarships though I don’t have money but I strive to do that, I think the best way that will help is if I start this school I want to affect lives and give it a meaning.
How do you intend to fund the school?
I have never been a failure and anything I start I see the hand of God on it. He who has given me the vision will make a provision, because where there is a vision there is always a provision, and where there is a mission there is always a vision to accomplish the mission. So since it is God’s Will it is God’s Bill, God will fund it  afterall the orphans are there, God is the father of the orphans, if he refuse to sponsor his own children then I withdraw , I know the hand of God is on me and God can never stop half way.
So where and when is the school commencing?
Born Great Academy School will be located at Kings in Christ Power Ministry at Jubilee close Ago Palace Way Lagos. And the school will commence next term, September to be précised.
This year’s Pool of Bethsaida was indeed awesome. What is the secret behind this?
It was just God. The bible says that whatever is committed in to my hand shall never see corruption. God is the one behind everything I do and every year of this programme there is always an increase. This is the 5th year version of this “Greater Than Pool of Bethsaida”. Every year of this programme has been wonderful, power packed and harvest of miracles, but this year’s version was a great plus as my friend Bishop Isaac Idahosa will say “everyday is a plus”.
Were there recorded testimonies?
Ha! A lot of testimonies were recorded, countless of them, in fact this year’s Pool of Bethsaida was wonderful. Healing and miracles took place that marvels me. Like the case of an imbecile young man called Lucky whom his uncle infected it on him for no just cause. This young man suffered for this imbecile for a year and 8 months till he miraculously found himself in the programme. He was ministered to, his problem was revealed and he got back his memory instantly. His uncle who did it to him ran mad immediately Lucky got his deliverance. Another case of a man who was poisoned, the man of God Rev. Chidi Anthony brought him out after his problem was revealed, he vomited out a live scorpion signifying the poison: A case of deaf and dumb, people that suffered for long time sickness which could lead to death got their healing to the glory of God.
Sir, how many guest ministers were present at the pool of Bethsaida?
We have Prophet Tony Anthony, Prophet Favor Maduforo from Warri, Chinedu Nwadike, Prophet NC Mike, Praise Machine, Dan Ike (Battle Axe), Vivian Ejiofor, Bishop Ikeanokwuru from Port Harcourt. They all ministered powerfully and lives were transformed.
I want to show appreciation to my wife Prophetess Nkiruka Chidi Anthony, she has been there with me and for me, we both run the ministry together, in fact she is the best woman in the world. I appreciate my residential pastors they have always been there backing me up in their prayers and also Okechukwu, my personal assistant , Kings in Christ choirs and also Bishop Ikeanokwuru from Port Harcourt.

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