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NFF: Pinnick subdued!

“Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it”
– Uthman Dan Fodio

I am not surprised that Sports Minister Tammy Danagogo has come to destroy Nigeria’s football in collaboration with some other powerful elements in the country, who know next to nothing in governing football. Some of these retrogressive have never watched any competitive football either live or on the tube since they were born. These people dictating the pace of Nigeria’s football today never saw anything good in the game either while at school or out of school.
The new NFF President Amaju Melvin Pinnick has been subdued by these unforeseen forces, as they have hijacked the football federation from the Itsekiri born Sports administrator, who is now looking ordinary and hapless in running the affairs of the Glass house in Abuja.
Pinnick’s ambition for the NFF has been thwarted, his focus vision and mission to salvage the lost glory of the Super Eagles after the exit of Dutchman Clemens Westerhof has been sabotaged. Where else will Pinnick turn to? “Almighty” Minister Danagogo has taken over the functions of Amaju Pinnick doing things contrary to the dictates of the NFF! What an “almighty” Sports Minister indeed!
Nigerians love positions of authority indeed, which is why some of them who find themselves in any “messy” situation would rather stay put than honourably resign. If I were the new NFF President, I would have since called it quit! But in the Nigerian context, we don’t call it quit, but stay tight in ignorance, either in the face of tyranny, oppression, depression, suppression, or intimidation, these power drunk Nigerians will rather “die” instead of resigning! This is the principle that rules Nigerians in the places of authority.
Amaju Pinnick has been reduced to nothing, whether he likes it or not by the most powerful in President Jonathan Goodluck administration, otherwise, there was no moral justification to bring back a mediocre coach like Stephen Keshi to the Eagles. There was also no moral justification for Tammy Danagogo to pay coach Keshi the sum of #14million Naira with an increment of #2million having failed to qualify Nigeria for the 2015 AFCON in Equatorial Guinea come January 2015.
What were the measures used for all these wasteful expenditures without the knowledge of the Nigeria football governing house. What is so special about KESHI? Who are these “masked” mafias who are head bent to destroy the unity of Nigeria – this unity which Nigerians derive from good football?
I remember Kodjo Williams, a brilliant young and energetic football administrator who came into the NFA as the time. To me, he came, saw and conquered. Behold after three months, the young man whose father S. B. Williams brought Westerhof to Nigeria was impeached! Since then, the man has been managing his Football College of Excellence in Ilorin, Kwara State in conjunction with Westerhof. Since Nigerian elites hate the truth, ignore facts and embrace deception, fallacy, corruption, sycophancy, and above all ignorance to the detriment of Nigeria, birds have learnt how to fly without perching with apology to late Professor Chinua Achebe!
They are at this same game again. This is where Amaju Pinnick should draw the curtain close. It’s a fact, that he won the election that brought him to the Glasshouse. It is also true that he has good vision for Nigeria’s football, but he is no longer in charge, though, it is rather unfortunate.
Whether he (Pinnick) remains a “Child of God” which I believe every creature is, except you declare for the devil, Amaju Pinnick should just throw in the towel because, if he fails to do this, he would be worse than Keshi! I said so!

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