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NFF: Keshi accepts ‘slave’ contract!

“Cultivate those qualities in you for which the public blames you; they are thyself” — Jean Cocteau

YOHOHOHO and a bottle of rum…” I laughed to scorn, drank while putting up this discourse on a Sunday afternoon! Coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi finally accepts the contract he once described as “Slave” contract to handle the Super Eagles of Nigeria, saying that President Amaju Pinnick and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) were most inconsiderate in the renewal of his contract after all his achievement as a player and coach for Nigeria. What an empty pride!
Is Nigeria ungrateful to Keshi? If after Keshi failed to qualify the Eagles for the AFCON 2015 in Equatorial Guinea; yet he is still being considered by the NFF for the plum job of the Eagles; then, the Ilah born coach is most ungrateful to Nigeria and Nigerians whose good health and joy are dependent on the success of the national team under Keshi, who by extension is a “brass” substituted for “gold” in terms of retaining the Eagles job is nothing but an ingrate who knows next to nothing in modern football coaching.
Keshi’s one return is too many for the Eagles at this point in time as it is dangerous; disgraceful; unacceptable; shameful; inadequate and unfair to the teaming fans of Eagles. It is undesirable and unintelligent of Pinnick and his administration! With this unfancied development, Keshi is already more jobless than ever! Quote me right or wrong! It is my standpoint and those in my school of thought. It shows he has lost out of Africa; hence no place to go other than Nigeria.
It is very clear that Pinnick has come to destroy the fortune of Nigeria’s football; and with this “slave” contract renewal for Keshi – the both of them (Keshi and Pinnick) have nothing to offer Nigeria! This fact is very glaring.
I don’t think Pinnick was bewitched or hypnotized by his detractors by retaining Keshi as coach of Eagles; but I feel and believe that Pinnick is a stooge of some abstract elements who rule the Abuja Glasshouse. Little wonder, he (Pinnick) speaks from both ends of his mouth, and has no grip of any of his utterances!
It will not be long, this administration of the Glasshouse will soon fade into oblivion, no doubt; but my worry here is the fact that Nigeria would do no better under coach Keshi who has exhibited much mediocrity in modern football coaching. Do you know the same Pinnick proposed an induction course for Keshi abroad, but he (Keshi) declined? So, who is the “boss” here? Is it Keshi or Pinnick? Something is amiss somewhere, I must say!
Keshi is not ready to learn to enhance his output, but he wants to teach – Haba! Like Fela Anikulapo sang, “Teacher (coach) don’t teach me (us) nonsense!” Keshi is a poor coach or teacher if you like! He has left the Eagle in more devastating condition than he met it. This fact, Pinnick knows, yet he is head bent on keeping Keshi for his cowardice and indecision palaver!
“Big Boss” as they call him, is in his final lapse of arrogance with a country called Nigeria; after which he would have rusticated himself and will be valueless in any part of the world. This is not for retirement sake, age or otherwise; but for reasons of refusing to learn and to know when it mattered most in his coaching career. He would realize this error which emanated from his arrogance, greed, self aggrandizement, ego,- wit and love for money when it is late and there would be no place for coaches like Keshi. Goodbye Yesterday Eagles, Keshi and Pinnick!

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