Home News Ndigbo’ll not hesitate to approach ICC- Uwazurike

Ndigbo’ll not hesitate to approach ICC- Uwazurike

Ndigbo’ll not hesitate to approach ICC - Uwazurike

…Threat to Ndigbo by Northern Youths

The ultimatum given by an amorphous and nebulous group should be paid 100 per cent attention by the security agencies in this country.

It should be borne in mind that the Biafra agitation is peaceful and does not threaten anybody.

But the full weight of the security agencies has been brought to bear on the agitators including death, arrests, detention without trial, flagrant disobedience of court order and prosecution.

Is it not surprising that this amorphous group is given the prestigious Arewa House to ventilate all the rubbish it did some days ago.

God has given everyone wisdom, but it appears the sponsors of this satanic group can only use theirs negatively.

We call on those who have the instruments of government to realise that the constitution of this country states unequivocally in Section 14 that the primary function of government is the security and welfare of the citizens.

The same constitution guarantees freedom of residence, movement, liberty and right to property to all.

Besides, threat to anybody on the basis of tribe, religion or views is a crime against humanity.

We have no hesitation in taking this case up at the International Crimes Court (ICC), where nothing is done by this government, which loudly ignored this nefarious action! This threat to Ndigbo calls for urgent action.

For a better society

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