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Morality should drive Nigerian politics — Ohuabunwa

MAO Ohuabunwa, former Deputy Leader of the House of Representatives needs no introduction. For the eight years he was in the House, he was very influential not only in the House, but also in the PDP national leadership. In this brief interview with Deputy Editor, MALACHY UZENDU, Ohuabunwa spoke on why he wants to move over to the Upper Chamber, the import of decampment by politicians, especially Aminu Tambuwal, as well as other issues. Excerpts:

PLEASE sir, can you give us a sentence on yourself and why you came to the PDP national secretariat?
I am Hon. Mao Ohuabunwa, former Deputy Leader of the House of Representatives (1999 to 2007). I am contesting for the Abia north senatorial zone. I was in the house for eight years and with my experiences and contact, I believe will do better than the current senator if given the opportunity. For some time now, we didn’t have the shoulder to properly represent our people.
The Senate is not a place where you present yourself as .r. Know-it-all, you will network and others will support you. That syndrome has affected us and that is why we didn’t have the kind of representation. We have a senator who has been here for 12 years and I think he should allow the younger ones to take over from him
Having spent eight years in the House, it was alleged that before the defection of Tambuwal, the PDP was over whelmed. What is your take?
When I was there, you will agree with me that we had a vibrant house. But if you talk about this current house, I can’t speak for them, I am not there.
But can someone from a minority party be speaker?
No, the rule is that the principal officers are from the majority party. It is time we play politics of morality. It is important we keep high the moral precepts. I subscribe that when we decamp like that, taking somebody’s mandate to another party, it is wrong. I expect him to resign from the house and re-seek his people’s mandate. The House is adjourned to December 3rd and so, we don’t have to unnecessarily over heat the polity. It is wrong that when something favors us, we applaud it, when it does not favor us, we condemn.
There had been the rumor, so, why not resign. The House just reconvened and you adjourn again till December 3rd. When will you have the time to look at the budget? All these are not good. This will affect the country. If we don’t take time, we might not even have budget this year. This might be shifted by the election and other issues.
PDP is majority in the national assembly yet budget is delayed. Why?
It appears the constitution foresaw the delay that is why it allows for expenditure of 50 per cent of recurrent expenditure. But what about the capital expenditure and as a senator in 2015, that is one of the things I will pursue so we see early passage of the budget because late passage of budgets have affected us in the country.

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