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Mokland Hotel opens zoo facility

Sitting pretty on the Ilo Awela hill of the nodal town called Sango Ota, Ogun state, is the magnificent hospitality statement called Mokland Hotel. The Gold and green edifice, is a 60 bedroom structure replete with all the knack of the century facilities namely, an Olympic size swimming pool, cozy rooms, two posh restaurants, a terrace bar and two VIP bars. The hotel also has a 750 capacity events hall and several other conference rooms within the Hotel.With a wi-fi enabled environment,the hotels staff are very cultured with exceeding interpersonal skills.
Managed by Golden Legacy Hotel and Leisure services Limited, the emerging hospitality management team has raised the stakes in the hospitality practice in South west Nigeria by being the first hotel in this Geo political zone to put together a Zoo as part of its facilities. The Zoo has on display exotic animals like the guinea pig, rattlesnakes, newts and a giant crocodile, turtles in an environmentally friendly environment within the premises of the hotel.
Other friendly animals in the zoo is a collection of exotic birds including the quail, owl, parrots, cannaries and pigeons in a birds colony. An amiable donkey which is available for riding by visitors to the zoo, peacocks, ducks and an ocean of fish is available at the zoo which is set among trees and flowers.
Several visitors have been trooping into the premises to see the zoo, a children’s playground which has two giant bouncy castles and a Santa Claus Grotto this holiday season.
Aare Olaseni Egbeyemi, CEO of Golden legacy Hotel and Leisure services ,managers of several other hotels in Lagos and beyond, said the establishment is repositioning Mokland Hotel to suit the demands of the 21st century guest..The Mokland Hotel Group has other facilities in Ikeja and Abeokuta.

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