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Your marriage is very vital to your ministry –Bishop Eze

Bishop Okwudili Emmanuel Eze of Zion Heritage and Miracles Ministries International, talks to EMMANUEL CLEMENT on his ministry and other issues. Excerpts:Tell us about yourself and your ministry?

My name is Bishop Okwudili Emmanuel Eze; I am the founder and the General Overseer of Zion Heritage and Miracles Ministries International. The ministry actually started off from umualia in the year 2007, but today, the ministry’s headquarters is in Abuja, Lagbe Phase 4, precisely. I study marketing at Imo State University, where I actually had an encounter with Jesus Christ and got born again. I am married to my beautiful lovely wife, Pastor Ifeoma, and we have three children.

Why are you running the ministry alongside your wife?

I am running the ministry with her because she has the grace and calling to be a Pastor and God has programmed and destined her to assist me in the course of the ministry. I am not like one of those General Overseer who flaunt their wife’s because they are beautiful, when you take a deeper look at their wives; they have absolutely nothing to do with the pulpit of the Almighty God. I must confess to you, my wife does more work than I do, she has a teaching by calling and she is a very good administrator, her presence makes things very easy for me, she is a pleasant gift from God to me and I am very happy to be married to her.

 You have the title of a Bishop. What is your exact area of calling?

I am a Prophet by calling, it is an area of calling, I stated practising before I had a church. When I got born-again and the gift of Prophet started manifesting greatly in me. In my hometown in Anambra state, people will gather in my father’s compound around 5 to 6am everyday to hear me prophecy to them, I never invited them, they started coming on their own to hear from the Lord through me. The prophetic is the exact area God has called me to function in but I am teaching prophet, I am a prophet that derives power from the word of God, which is actually the gate way to the supernatural. It is quiet pathetic that the prophets of these days don’t teach the word of God, they start to prophecy immediately they mount the pulpit, even our Lord Jesus Christ who operated the Apostolic and the prophetic derived his power through the word of God.

The Bible made us to understand that as our Lord Jesus Christ was preaching the word of God, the power of God was available to heal the sick, and do all manner of miracles, including power for prophecy. I tell you candidly that the prophetic and apostolic will dominate the end time ministry; as you can see that everyone these days works to attend a Prophetic and Apostolic church because this is end time. Christians must be very careful because true prophets of the Almighty God are very few; majority of the prophets you see these days operate with familiar spirit which is from the devil. In as much as the prophetic gift is very important because it gives direction and reveals the mind of God towards us, we must be very careful and pray for the spirit of God to direct us towards his own prophets.

You said the ministry started in 2007, that means the ministry is 10 years old, how would you access the 10 years of ministry?

Thank you very much, I must tell you that if the Lord has thoroughly called you, though predicaments and obstacles will surely come, but you will surely prevail. I didn’t go into ministry because I wanted money, I didn’t go into the ministry because I was jobless, I didn’t go into the ministry because I was an illiterate who was looking for a means of livingly hood. I was a graduate of marketing from Imo State University. I was doing very well on my own, it was when the calling of my ministry became so strong, that Jesus Christ himself had to appear to me in an open vision, not a dream, which I made up my mind to follow him and serve him to the very end. I must tell you that the Lord has been very faithful, he promised to be with me to the very end, he has always been with me, he has never disappointed me, I have no regret serving the Lord and answering his call. The ministry just celebrated her anniversary some weeks ago; it was a wonderful experience. The theme of the two-day anniversary celebration was dimensional. We thank God Almighty for moving us to a new level because it was not the level that we started off, that we are operating today. God has repositioned us divinely, he has moved us forward, he has expended our coast and he is still doing exploit with us.

The 10th anniversary celebration was really awesome because it brought all my mensus together, they all converged at the headquarters here in Abuja to celebrate and thank the Almighty for his goodness and love towards the ministry. God used Prophet Isa El Buba from Jos who happens to be a friend to the house and a very anointed man of God. God used him to bless the people greatly and perform all knows of amazing miracles during the anniversary programme. I want to thank the Almighty God for making the 10th anniversary a reality, I also want to thank my lovely wife whom God has positioned to be my helper and assist me in the ministry.

 Nigeria has moved out of recession, what you think is the mercy thing for us to do?

Though Nigeria has moved out of recession, the people are still suffering; the hunger in the land is yet to subsidize, people cannot still afford to eat good meal three times in a day, the prices of things are still very expensive. The government needs to act swiftly and take strategic and drastic action towards alleviating the suffering of the masses. They need to put up programme that will help achieve this course; they should try to create empowerment and be very sincere just with them. The government should also expand or increase their investment across the nation so that those who are willing to work can be gainfully employed.  Nigerians are not lazy; an average Nigeria wants to work and earn a good living; that is why you see them leaving the country in a search of greener pasture. They youths are not empowered and there is no job for them; all these are the things that the government need to work into and proper a lasting solution to them.

 As a man of God based in Abuja that is often regarded as part of the North, though it is the Federal Capital, with the recent killings of Christians by herdsmen and Boko Haram, do you subscribe to retaliation or counter attack by the Christians?

This is at a point in time generated a lot of confusion among Christians and men of God. We must first of all identify and define who we are; we are Christians and Christianity is a love and peace as Christ epitomized when he was on earth. Christians are supposed to emulate Christ; that is what makes us a true Christian. No matter what happens, as a true Christian, we are supposed to engage in a confrontation with anybody or party because Christ preaches peace anybody who calls himself a true Christian and has the fruit of the Holy Spirit which are: love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, forbearance, gentleness, self control will not even think of retaliation or counter attack. As Christians, our major aim should be to do the will of the Almighty God, not to satisfy any human being, we should endure whatsoever they do to us because vengeance and judgment is of God, he is the ultimate judge that will judge every human being according to their deeds, so whether Boko Haram of Herdsmen, leave it to God, he is the King of justice and vengeance is his.

 Still on national issue. What do you have to say on kidnapping and ritual killing now rampant in the country?

I am a Bishop, but I am a Prophet by calling, at the beginning of this year the Lord gave me some prophecies concerning this nation, we must know that the spiritual controls the physical; God can reveal the future to his servant in order to warn the people or get ready for danger. At the beginning of this year I warn the government that kidnapping and ritual killing will increase this year; they should get ready to combat it, I warned them to get ready and put every necessary thing needed to fight against it in order. It was even published in the national daily, so that the government could do the necessary things to fight against it; but they defiled things with flippancy approach; see what is happening today: everyone is threatened due to the menace of kidnapping, ones safety is no longer guaranteed in this country everywhere is littered with kidnappers. Lagos, Ikorodu precisely have been thrown into serious unrest and confusion due to the emergence of a cult group called “Badoo”. The cult is a group that kills people for ritual purpose; they kill all the people in every home or family; they invade because a handkerchief that contains the blood of one person is valued at N500,000. So, the cultist are gingered and engineered to kill more people due to quest for more money, you can imagine human being life valued at just N500,000, human life that is priceless. I pray God to help us find a lasting solution to this menace that is threatening to cripple our beloved country.

 What is the solution to the problem of Nigeria?

It is very simple, God is the solution to the problem of Nigeria; if we can turn to God and depend on him, and make him realize that we part all our hope and confidence in him, he will heal this country and forgive us all our iniquity and give us a new beginning because Nigeria has the tendency and potentials to be a very great country.

For a better society.


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