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What has made our marriage tick for the past 25 years –Bishop Idahosa

Bishop Isaac  and Christy Idahosa of Illumination Assembly, recently celebrated their 25th years of marriage at the Church premises, Lekki Light Centre, Ajah Lagos. In this chat with EMMANUEL CLEMENT, the Bishop talks about the marriage and other issues. Excerpts:

25th years of marriage; how is the journey so far?

Well, we give thanks to God Almighty because His grace is sufficient for my sheep and my family. As a matter of fact, we cannot complain because He alone is involved, taking charge of the marriage, making things better and sweeter by the day. As we all know, marriage is a school of learning without graduation. We keep going receiving lectures, praying to go up to pass our exams, we are running this race by His grace and not our own effort. So, God has been faithful.

What is it that you don’t like in your wife but you still love her?

Let me say love is a command and it must grow and graduates before it becomes a decision and until love becomes a decision, no hope can be kept. I have decided to love her and it can’t be any better if love keeps improving. Unconditional love is what I put in place by decision. So, it doesn’t matter what she does that I didn’t like as far as there is room for correction and once one can be teachable it makes the whole thing very easy to live together.

What is so special about her?

Hmm! everything about my wife is so special to me; her strength even her own weakness is special; that is the more reason she is customised for somebody like me.

How did you manage your storming period in marriage?

We really overcome the storming period in marriage by the direction of the Holy Spirit and not by our own strength and power. There are three things the Holy Spirit does; he helps us, he comforts us, he conquered. So, whenever storms come, he wants to make better things out of us and wants us to stop behaving like an eaglet, but an eagle because the character of a mother eagle is in eaglet, but has to pass through tough times, rejection, abandonment to be able to make its wings stronger and better to soar.

  25 years is like a great achievement. What is your advice to young couples?

They should get closer to those that are married and not unmarried and as well get closer to a mentor who has been married for years to learn from their experience, because when you fail to learn by example, you will become example yourself. Like I said, experience does not expire. God has given us two lovely children in the course of this marriage, Christabel and Apostle.

Remarks from the invited Guests:

Bishop Kayode Durojaye of Prevailing Word Bible Church talks about his relationship with Bishop Isaac idahosa as a friend and as a brother. “Ministry brought us together and I thank God for a lot of things he has accomplished in a body of Christ to the glory of God. I have known him for a long time now”.

Arch Bishop John Osaoni of Vineyard Christian Ministry, who described his relationship with Idahosa as mutual and great. “He is not just a bishop but also a singer and writer, he is always consistent and passionate about God, he put God first in everything he does and never compromise, he is an amiable preacher full of wisdom and soft to the core, he is a cheerful giver and never get tired when it comes to giving, I have known him for more than 21 years, and I anointed him as bishop”, he said.

Bishop Alex Mwami of Holy Ghost Fire House, a South Africa-based Pastor: “Bishop Isaac Idahosa is my covenant brother. I easily flow when relating with him as a brother, why because we have become kingdom brothers, perhaps whenever he comes to South Africa he comes to my house, likewise myself coming to Nigeria, I go to his home.  Our relationship is far beyond being a bishop but brothers”.

Praise Machine, a renowned gospel artiste: He described Bishop Isaac idahosa as his spiritual father and his mentor. I have known him for more than 15 years.

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