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Lufthansa celebrates Oktoberfest in Nigeria


The world’s largest beer festival has started in Munich, Germany, and Lufthansa joins in the party with several activities.

A statement by the Group, signed by Hakeem Jimo, Lion Sun Consulting (on behalf of Lufthansa – German Airlines), made available for Daily Champion in Lagos. said Lufthansa, German Airlines is in the midst of this long standing Bavarian tradition, adding that during the Oktoberfest, the Lufthansa Trachtencrew will once again be flying Bavarian tradition around the world.

On September 25, the statement stated, the Trachtencrew, dressed in traditional Bavarian costume, will fly to New York with LH 410, and on October 1, they fly on to San Francisco with flight LH 458. Already middle of this month, September 15, twelve female flight attendants and two male flight attendants landed in Seoul on-board the LH 718, where they were greeted enthusiastically.

This year’s costume has been designed and tailor-made by Munich Tracht specialist Angermaier. The Wiesn dirndl of the female flight attendants is dark blue with a silver-grey apron, and the gentlemen will wear a short pair of Lederhosen with a dark-blue waistcoat in the same fabric as the dirndls. Angermaier has now outfitted the crews in the spirit of the world’s largest fair for the third time in a row.

As in previous years, there will also be Tracht flights to selected European destinations from Munich. At the beginning and end of the Munich Oktoberfest, one crew from the Lufthansa CityLine will exchange their uniforms for a dirndl. This year’s destinations include Dresden, Amsterdam, Bastia, Prague, Timisoara, Münster/Osnabrück, Belgrade, Warsaw and Brussels.

Flying Lufthansa, passengers from Nigeria, of course, arrive at the Frankfurt hub. However, during the Oktoberfest it is more than ever worth continuing to Lufthansa’s second hub in Munich as it has been a tradition for several years for the Lufthansa staff in passenger service at Terminal 2 in Munich to welcome guests wearing traditional costume. In addition to the Lufthansa uniform, the ladies will be wearing Lufthansa dirndl in yellow and blue, and the gentlemen will wear blue Tracht suits. The service staff in the Lufthansa First Class Lounges will wear a Tracht in gold and black.

The Lufthansa lounges are also equipped for the Oktoberfest. As in the previous year, over 4,000 kilograms of Leberkäs’, more than 38,000 pretzels, and around 750 kilograms of veal sausage will be consumed in the twelve Lufthansa lounges in Terminal 2. The Oktoberfest menu in the festively decorated Lufthansa First Class lounges will this year begin with a “Bavarian festival soup”, followed by farmer’s duck in an orange-thyme jus. The meal will conclude with a dessert of apricot dumplings with vanilla sauce.

Of course, there will also be a selection of Bavarian specialties on-board the long-haul flights. A particular treat are small cosmetic bags in a Bavarian design, which will be offered in First Class and Business Class.

If you are part of the Banana Island community in Ikoyi, you have the chance to experience a bit of the beer festival atmosphere as the Oktoberfest will be celebrated there on September 30 and October 1. Lufthansa in Nigeria is a partner of this event and present with a stand serving typical German sausages and Sauerkraut. “O’zapft is“the official opening words at the Oktoberfest – in Bavarian dialect, meaning the beer barrel is open.

If the talk is about beer, then Nigeria is right on top in Africa. With 12.28 liters per year, Nigeria leads the top 10 biggest beer consuming countries in Africa. So no doubt that the world’s most popular beer festival – the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – creates also some excitement in Nigeria every year as each year numerous visitors from Nigeria are seen at the Oktoberfest.

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