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LG explains feat, pledges innovations

LG Electronics group has unveiled an engaging catch-all term for the suite of new products showcased in Berlin at the just concluded IFA 2014.
Speaking at IFA Wayne Park, executive vice president and Global Sales and Marketing Officer at LG Electronics said. “What consumers really desire is to live a better life without giving up the technology that more often than not makes our lives more complex”. It is a sentiment set to remain underpinned to LG’s communications, past CES and well into 2015.He said “Innovation for a Better Life’ encapsulates just how integrated LG has become in consumers’ lives and sees the company further position itself as a brand that delivers a refined, smart user experience across its entire line-up of consumer electronics and home appliances, including the world’s first commercial 4K OLED TV, G Watch R featuring Android WearTM, CordZeroTM vacuum cleaners and appliances that respond to natural language text messages. Though smart technology has been available to fashion designers for well over a decade, only recently has mainstream wearable technology entered into the public eye. Though technology has vastly improved over the last ten years, the main reason for the sudden renaissance in wearable technology is that engineers are finally taking cues from fashion-conscious designers. Now that wearable technology developers have started to understand the way that fashion operates, consumer interest is reaching a fever pitch. While technology is primarily developed with practical application in mind, fashion in contrast is ultimately about beauty, desire, identity, and social standing. He said as a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, LG Electronics has kept a watchful eye on global tech trends and is entering 2015 with a variety of cutting-edge products that utilize recent innovations in order to make life easier for consumers. LG is committed to listening to consumers and putting out the best possible products to the public, so the company is looking for new ways to innovate and enhance the competitiveness of its products.It would be recalled that in the summer of 2014, LG unveiled its much anticipated G Watch.

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