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Let governors’ achievements be yardstic for re-election – Pate

Let governors' achievements be yardstic for re-election - Pate
Obiora Ifoh, Abuja.
Governorship aspirant from Bauchi State, Dr. Muhammadu Ali Pate has demanded that governors seeking for re-election must put their achievements on the table as basis of assessment.

According to him, the Nigeria constitution does not guarantee eight years to any governor but that they can have that through their achievements.The former Minister of State for Health also leaned his voice on the Direct Primaries being canvassed by the National Leadership of the party.
Speaking on the mode of primaries, he said, “In Bauchi State, we know that delegates were handpicked during the ward congresses. They were just listed and we have court cases as regards to that, so if you want to do an indirect primaries, the list of delegates to be used has a big question mark on it and we have heard by the National leadership of the party that the presidential election would be through direct primaries and that is the best form of primary where you get popular representation and that part of justice to the president we expect it also at the State level, except if there are consensus amongst stakeholders should be adhered to.
Justice has no double standard, justice has one single standard. You cannot be just on one track and unjust on another track. We are confident that Mr. President, the leadership of the party and many of the distinguished members of the party have the intent to be just to all members and we would hold them to that and that is what gives us the confident to respond to the call to serve and let’s respond by participating and see what the outcome.
On his strength to unseat the incumbent, he said, “First the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is established on the mandate given by the people of Nigeria as established in the Constitution and there is a reason why the constitution stipulates 4years terms for all elected officials that’s why a term is 4 years term and not 8 years.
“So, no one is guaranteed 8 years in office. It means you have to work for it and seek the Mandate of the people for additional 4 years for your second term if you have done well.
“We have seen in this country a president and a party who has been in power for many years by unpopular mandate, that party was not successful in an election. We have seen many instances where governors has done a term and some 2 terms. Power comes from the people and we believe that is effort that led to the founding of APC, provided the APC sticks to that effort of ensuring the people’s voice are heard, we believe it would succeed. In event that any party is not consistent and listen to the voice of the people, history has told us especially in 2015, in the long run it is not going to be successful in a sustainable manner, so we feel confident as citizens of the Country to respond to the yearning of the people and to our faith in the institution of the party, expecting that it would be just.”
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