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Kwankwaso is not a religious fundamentalist –Bishop Idahosa


What can you say about the present state of Nigeria?

Nigeria! This situation is terrible, people are suffering, dying, and those who God has blessed should extend their hands to the needy, though the economy would so be to make this country (Nigeria) a better place.  The Nation is greedy, the nation is at the state of emergency what we need now is God’s mercy as quickly as possible, I say state of emergency because  now what we are hearing is that  we are still going to experience another recession . The governor of central bank  said that is like we are entering into recession again so that‘s why we don’t need to blame anyone, not even Buhari or APC, we are to fight it spiritually, it is a spiritual welfare. Once God is absent, things go wrong; we must call upon God to salvage us because the arms of the flesh will fail us.

What is the solution to the nation’s challenges?

The solution is God! What can you do without God? Our expertise, our intelligent is just like a weight, if you don’t drop it you don’t gain speed, nobody goes to an Olympic with raincoat or boot, no matter how strong you are, you wear a spite shoe we have decided to employ human knowledge to solve a spiritual problem, spiritual problem are solved spiritually, with direction we need to pray, not to criticize the government. Nigeria problem is beyond political problem and BUHARI, let all men of God, clergy continue to pray. There is something on the seat of leadership contending with Nigeria. We need to fight the three goliaths. God should come to our aid. We looked up to God for whence cometh our help.

The truth is that, those who have failed us don’t have the intension to fail us, there are force behind it, so that is why it requires a spiritual cleansing, Nigeria needs a spiritual cleansing, the force behind is spiritual. If not madness how would someone begin to loot the nation treasury to the tone of billions, trillion, how long do you intend to live? Another thing is greediness and until God disconnect our government from greediness we will not be connected to greatness. Greatness of Nigeria has been delayed because of the greed of both the leaders and the followers, until we stop and start doing the right thing, we are wasting our time.

Why are you campaigning for Rabiu Kwankwaso?

Yes, I actually campaigned for him. Kwankwaso and I have been friends for a while; some people think he is a fundamentalist. Kwankwaso is not a fundamentalist, he is not bias about the nation, he is a nice man, he came to my ministry (God First Ministry), he removed his cap during prayer session and I can tell you categorically that he is detribalized, during his reign in Kano State, so much achievements, scholarship, infrastructure, pay salaries, he used more for infrastructures,  Kwankwaso is a man of the people during his term as Governor of Kano State. God used him to bring so much people from poverty, he is a father to all. If Kwankwaso is given the opportunity; God can use him to salvage the country

In the just-concluded governorship election in Osun State; do you see any manipulation?

Well, I wasn’t in Osun State, I am here in Lagos state, the outcome of thing I saw in the video, I was hearing people shouting thief (ole) I don’t know who they were shouting on, but what I know is that the truth will always stand.

What is your advice for politicians who promise   heaven and earth during campaign but end up not caring for the masses?

That is what I am saying; I pray our vote counts, we should vote them out, because if they break your heart in their first term will break it more the second time in that office. Any man who breaks his word is not qualified to earn your trust, if you can’t keep your word you can’t offer anything, so any politician who did not keep his words must not be voted back, I don’t care maybe it’s APC, PDP or whatever party, if they did not keep their words yesterday, today they won’t keep it tomorrow. So we should guide our conscience and vote the right person.

.For a better society.

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