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KOK warns against fortune-wrecking ceremonies in new episode of Prof Johnbull

Nobody should be forced into marriage of convenience - Professor Johnbull
Expensive ceremonies have become a societal norm and a status symbol in the modern African setting. These days, many people spend a fortune just to mark events such as birthdays, weddings and burials to mention a few.

Even when these individuals cannot afford such elaborate events, they borrow to make it happen, just to put-out a wealthy posturing.

This Tuesday, the highly entertaining and educative sitcom, Prof Johnbull, sponsored by Globacom will highlight the folly of reckless spending and show-off parties and ceremonies .
Titled ‘Expensive Ceremonies’, the episode seeks to teach salient lessons of the aftermath of wasteful spending and it’s consequences. Tune in on Tuesday at 8:30pm on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes for the exciting episode with a repeat broadcast on Friday at the same time and stations.
The producers of the sitcom said in a statement on Monday that “Expensive Ceremonies, the latest episode of Professor Johnbull,  is not just comical but touchy as it depicts in a very sublime manner, the vanity in spending a fortune on social ceremonies and the attendant holes such tendencies create in the pockets of the celebrants”.
The telecom company added that “We cannot deny the fact that spending lavishly on ceremonies is more or less a given culture in the country. The ceremonies are in legion: birthday bash, wedding, naming, funeral, house warming, freedom parties and what have you. With the prevailing economic situation, no time can be more apt than now to sound a note of caution to all to be circumspect in the way they spend money on these ceremonies and that is exactly what Expensive Ceremonies intends to achieve”.
Watch notable Nollywood acts such as Kanayo O. Kanayo (Professor Johnbull), Bimbo Akintola (Ufoma), Yomi Fash-Lanso (Olaniyi), Jnr. Pope Odonwodo (Churchill) and Stephen Odimgba (Flash) in this thought-provoking drama, as Gordons, an ace comedian and veteran actor Chika Okpala aka Zebrudayah, make cameo appearances in the episode.
Find out what constitutes an expensive ceremony and who is impressed by expensive ceremonies? Should a man spend what he earns in a year on one ceremony that happens in a day?  Does an expensive wedding party guarantee a successful married life? Is expensive ceremony an African thing?
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