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Justice ministry to amend NCAT Act soon


Efforts at the Nigerian College of Aviation, (NCAT) Zaria are currently geared to improve on the Enabling Act of the college as Daily Champion has learnt that there is a document with the Ministry of Justice going through necessary legal process for amendment of the Act.
This is as the college is putting final touches to arrangement to celebrate its 50th anniversary coming up next month.
Rector of the college, Captain Samuel Akinyele Caulcrick made this known while speaking in an interview with journalists explaining that the change to the Act became necessary as that of NCAT is the oldest in the industry
“We are trying to change the Enabling Act. Don’t forget that the Act is one of the oldest in the aviation industry today. It is 50 years, it needs to be amended. We are in the process of achieving that,” he declared.
Captain Caulcrick also disclosed that document to this effect had gone to the Attorney-General of the Federation adding that “All we are waiting for is a directive from the Federal Executive Council before it is sent to the National assembly.”
He regretted that the existing Act had strictly been treating the college as an arm of the Aviation Ministry, thus making it to have a lot of limitations. This is part of the constraints we have,” he added.
Speaking on some of the efforts to move the college forward, the Rector noted that NCAT had secured temporary accreditation from the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) to start Diploma courses. He further said that the entry requirements of some of the courses offered were now first degree because they are professional courses.
“But we are not sure where we are, whether we are going to make the entry for all our courses, first degree, particularly flying because we need to capture them early. That is why in the past we take them after the School Certificate
Examination but now we have over a million of Nigerians who are willing to go into aviation and have acquired their first degree at the age of 20 or 2. That is still okay for us because we have a limit.
“So, we may raise the entry requirement to that of first degree because we tried that in the past, it failed. It failed in the sense that the age at which those graduates came in, were beyond the age limit you have to capture them.
“But now that we have a lot of Nigerians who have acquired first degree at tender age, we may have to make the entry requirement a first degree. This is because like any other thing in life, you keep raising the bar, “he explained.
The Rector noted that as an institution rated in the past as the foremost in Africa but on its way up further, experienced some diminishing challenges, his administration had been trying to return the college to its excellent position.
“When I came in , I discovered that the standard was a bit down, though not  dangerously, what we are now doing is to bring it back to original and make it better, so that our products will be the first choice anywhere in the world. That is our goal, we mean quality,” he emphasized.
To achieve this, he said, he had been shaping every staff to have eyes for details  and be loyal to duty call while they were expected to be committed to the desire to  produce quality products for the aviation industry.
Captain Caulcrick, who embraced the advent of other aviation training schools in the country, said such development would make the industry to expand. “Yes, we want them to come in so that we can all raise the bar together through competition.”
He also disclosed that the process to have campuses outside Zaria was in the pipeline. Adding, “We are already in that process, it is in our budget this year, so that we can reach out to all corners of Nigeria.”

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