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INSURGENCY: Senate fails to approve extension of emergency rule

…Army Chiefs insist on extension of Emergency Rule

… To discuss Reps Police face off today

After about eight hours Marathon closed door meeting with Service Chiefs, Senate yesterday failed to resolve extension of emergency rule in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe.

Senate had twice met behind closed door in absence of Service Chiefs last week but the Senators mostly from the North disagreed on the extension of Emergency Rule.

Those who were present at the meeting yesterday with Senate were Chief of Army Staff(CDS) Kenneth Minamah, Chief of Air staff, Air Vice Marshall AdesolaAmosun and the Director of the State Security Service, Mr. EkpeyongITa.

However, briefing newsmen, Chairman Senate Committee on Media and Publicity, Senator EyinnayaAbaribe explained that the Military insist on extension of emergency rule in three North east states.

Although, the Senate through their spokesman failed to make categorical statement whether the extension of emergency rule is approved or not.

Abaribe said Senate is impressed by performance of Service chiefs in North east states but the Military has problem with equipment and of course, all the other ancillary problems where you have to fight an asymmetrical war.

Abaribe explained that Service Chiefs insisted that only the extension of emergency that give them the ability to combat insurgency.

Senate said,” The question of state of emergency was not what was on the table today and we are going to also wait until it is brought to the floor of the Senate before we discuss it. What the Senate did today was to separate the two questions. Of course, the military continues to insist they need the state of emergency to be able to conduct operations in a manner that will bring it to a quick resolution.

” When the Senate now takes the issue of the state of emergency, of course you’ll be there, it will be discussed in open plenary.

Abaribeadded,”The interaction was very,very frank and very detailed. The constraints of the Nigerian army in dealing with the insurgency. We also looked into the budgetary provision for them and what has been done so far in containing the insurgency and I can tell you the Senate was very, very impressed by the response from the military and like I said, the military has shown itself to be capable of dealing with the insurgency.

“The fact that they are capable of dealing with the insurgency means that the Senate will do all it needs to within its power to support the military so that we can bring this insurgency to a quick resolution. We also found from their briefing that we have some problems which has to do with the troop levels and the level of equipment and of course, all the other ancillary problems where you have to fight an asymmetrical war, not a formal conflict and we are very glad that that the military is at this moment, gearing up itself to be able to deal with this asymmetrical conflict in the north-east of Nigeria.

” As of today, we have the briefing and we can assure Nigerians that the military is up to the task of dealing with this matter.”

The Upper chamber also schedule today(wednesday) to discuss on face off between members of House of Representatives and police.

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