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Incessant killings: Timothy foresees bloody November, tasks Christian leaders on prayers


General Overseer, Olive Mountain of Prayer &Praise Ministry, Apostle Collins Timothy, has stressed the need for effective prayers for the country in order to avert massive killing which he said would befall the nation in the month of November this year.

According to him, there is urgent need for Christian leaders to go back to God in prayer, stating that the month of November is going to be bloodier that what Nigerians have ever witnessed in the country because of power tussles in government.

He warned that the killings of this year is about starting as we are entering the month of November, stressing that  it will be in mass, “but we pray that God will not allow it to happen, we have to give our lives totally to Christ. I advise men and women to give their lives totally to Christ in order to escape the looming dangers; the coverage of God is upon those who fear him.

Speaking  on the sidelines of the grand finale of the three- day 2019 Annual Women Convention of the church, with the theme: “The Power Insulting God in My life Must Be Disgraced”, Apostle Timothy said: “The government knows very well why the killings in Nigeria have continued to linger.

In his view, for the nation to be in order through prayers, “we are not looking at those already at the top, we are looking at the upcoming preachers, because there is a lot of initiated power among those at the top that is why righteousness, holiness and purity are no longer preached in the church. What they preach is how to become millionaires. We should not look at the income but the souls, so that the government will change”.

He said the headsmen killings innocent citizens were not Nigeria citizens. “They are people from the neighbouring country. And if the government does not welcome these killings, it will not be because we have security men that can wipe these men out of Nigeria permanently, if their hands are not in this. The mission of this present administration is to Islamize this nation but that will not be possible.

“They will fight as much as they can, but they will not succeed. I remember about two to three years ago, I was asked about Biafra, if it is going to work because of the way the clamour was going. I told people that it will work but not now, that even by 2020, it will not work. When we will be expecting the actualization of Biafra is by 2023. There would be a very big problem that may result to the easterner taking the place of presidential seat issue to fight for Biafra, but it is going to bring a small internal war that will make them to withdraw. The nation, if care is not taken, will not be.

“A minor war in Nigeria will be within 2023, it may look like minor war but it will be strong. If prayers are not done, it would escalate to the point that people would run helter skelter. The true men of God should come out in full force for prayers; there are cases that cannot just go away like that except by fasting and prayer,” he said.

Speaking on the recent appointment of new Ministers by President Muhammadu Buhari, he said the nation was still recycling the old people and not moving forward.

“And it will continue to turn round that way. Giving people who have been there for years appointment while you have young  and vibrant men who are qualified for the job, will not help this country. Any one that does evil and supports you, you give them appointment and this will not take the nation far.

“My advice to the President is that he should not continue to fool the nation; there are young ones in this country who have all it takes to put this country in order. Let’s change the cabinets, advisers with the young ones, not those 90 year old people will still be on appointment. They should also include it in the constitution that governmental seats should also be the same way civil servants work if this country must move forward.

“For the remaining days of the year, God will guide will people, we need to be more committed to God, those that have not given their lives to Christ should do so,” he advised.

Also speaking, Pastor Mrs. Rosemary Timothy maintained that the focus of the 2019 women convention was to disgrace any power that is insulting God in the lives of women.

She said by the special grace of God, since the beginning of the programme, prayers have been offered to ensure that that purpose is fulfilled in the lives of the participants.

According to her, women were taught in so many ways, the reason why they are women and the roles they are supposed to play in home, church and nation building.

To her, Women can be successful in their homes when they are submissive to their husband, at the same time prayerful and not naggers.

“A woman is supposed to control the affairs of her home with prayers not by nagging and should be submissive to the husband. When you take your position as stipulated by the scriptures, definitely, you will be successful in marriage, learn to take everything to God in prayer for your husband to be successful as well. Every woman is supposed to be a prayer machine, praying for the husband and children. A woman is also supposed to be vigilant, a woman is not supposed to be careless. When you do all these, you see that things will work well, do more of prayers and talk less.

“But you want to be the ‘Oga’ of the house, you will fail but when you occupy the position God has given you with wisdom and prayers, you will be successful. The country will be a better place, if every Christian woman can be prayerful, things will work well.

“But it is really unfortunate that most women are not given to prayers. So many women in our country today don’t look at prayers to be the solution, which is the reason why those in the church today should be taught on the importance and the dangers of not praying. The Bible says, ‘the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord’. What every woman needs to do is to pray, if women can pray for their husbands, things will work well, but most times, people do not see prayers as the solution. If every woman will lean to pray, Nigeria will be a better country, our homes will be better as well”, she maintained.

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