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Hyundai Motor achieves global sales of 451,838 units in November

HYUNDAI Motor, the South Korea’s largest automaker, posted gains in November 2015, with global sales totaling 451,838 units -YoY increase of 4.9 per cent.
The company recorded 16.9per cent YoY sales increase in the Korean market with 65,166 units sold. The sales figure in the overseas market also rose by 3.1per cent YoY with 386,672 units sold.
Cumulative yearly sales at month end reached 4,448,969 units. While representing a 0.9% drop from the same period last year, the figures reveal a solid performance in key markets such as the US, China, and India. The shipments from the US, China and India plants all increased by 4.5per cent, 11.2per cent, and 5.9per cent YoY, respectively.
“While the economic uncertainty surrounding the auto industry is likely to continue for some time, we are responding to market changes by enhancing competitiveness by launching a host of new products and focusing on our strongest markets to ensure future growth,” said Hyundai Motor’s spokesman.
Total output from Hyundai Motor’s overseas plants rose 10.7per cent in November, compared to the same month of the previous year. Solid performance in key markets such as the US, China, and India has been the vanguard for the strong growth.
The shipment from the US plant was robust, increasing by 4.5per cent YoY. Hyundai Motor’s SUV models have led the way to the growth with high sales figure of Tucson and Santa Fe in the US market. Black Friday promotions in November also contributed to the increase.
China plant showed a remarkable performance in November. Both MoM and YoY shipments rose by 10.0per cent and 11.2per cent, respectively, as sales in Chinese market is gaining momentum in part due to the tax cut for vehicles under 1,600 cc. Continuous strong sales of main models such as ix25, Langdong and Mistra supported the rapid YoY shipments growth in China.
India plant also recorded notable results, increasing by 5.9per cent YoY due to sales recovery of i10 and steady sales figure of i20. Continuous strong sales of newly launched Creta supported the shipments growth in India. Moreover, Czech, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil plants also posted positive results. The shipments from these plants all increased, compared to the same month last year.
Czech plant showed strong shipments figure in November with 19.0per cent YoY increase, due to widespread popularity of All-new Tucson and solid sales performance of its main models such as i30 and ix20.
The shipments from Russia plant also recorded a solid result, rising by 9.7per cent YoY. Steady sales of Elantra have been the main reason for the positive result.  In Turkey, the shipments figure posted YoY sales increase for two consecutive months. Stable demand on i10 and i20 supported this month’s 7.0per cent  YoY increase and the last month’s 35.3per cent  YoY increase.
While In Brazil, both MoM and YoY shipments increased by 19.4per cent and 6.2per cent respectively, due to successful launching of HB P/E (Product Enhancement) models despite challenging market situations.

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