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How to break denominational wall in Christendom

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Have you ever been bothered on the apparent disparities and disagreements among Christians? It is said that ‘Christianity is the best and rightful religion that any man should profess.’ If this is true be, why the division and disagreements?
Denomination has done more harm than good in Christendom. It has weakened the walls of Christendom and the centre cannot longer hold. It has turned out to be the president of the whole problem in Christendom.
Denomination which I should refer to as the ‘greatest enemy of today’s Christianity has threw up so many unending questions. Just like a thunder or better still like an earthquake, strikes and saddened one’s mind once remembered.
If Christianity is the most loving religion in the entire universe, why the disparities and disagreements in Christendom, why is church not church in any day, time, or place, why the personalization of churches by individuals?
And the question goes on and on. Why must someone run all the way from ‘Jerusalem to Nigeria’ just to carry out a worship, can’t one comfortably worship the Messiah in Egypt without necessarily going down to Israel nor coming down to Nigeria, without feeling guilty of any kind?
Christianity when compared with other religions especially the Islam, it is realized that mosque is mosque anywhere, any day, any time. Most Christians cannot walk into any church denomination other than their own and worship comfortably and freely. There is always this spirit of ‘this is not how it is being done in my church or better still, my church does it much better than this.’
Even among members of different chapters of the same church denomination, this spirit exit. Another question then shows up, why are Christians over anxious about mere building instead of being over anxious about human building?
Fellow Christians, can we actually practice the so called “freedom of worship” by giving room for church to be church as it has originally been ordain by God.
This can only be made possible by “laying aside every weight” of denomination in order to push down these great mountain of disparities and disagreements. Let us cuddle ourselves with total love.
When a Seraphim comes to Catholic, he should feel more than comfortable and not necessarily act as a spectator. I mustn’t be a Redeemer before I submit myself under the ministration of E.O Adeboye.
Plant it in your heart, front and back that church is church anywhere, anytime, and any day. Let your presence in the midst of other congregation aside your own be a blessing not a curse.

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