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How Moji Olaiya played Ijebu girl at Shoprite

YORUBA star actress, Moji Olaiya, may have been escaping the prying eyes of those who know her and are in need of financial assistance, no matter how small.
So, it came to pass that fateful day at the Ikeja Branch of Shoprite when the favour-seeking young man wanted her to pick up his bills without any prior arrangement.
However, Moji beat him to his game, maintaining that everybody should settle his/her bills. Smart Moji! Some people around the place wondered whether Madam has forgotten that she is a star. They even believed that she could just pay the prize of stardom for the sake of it. We are looking forward to the day you will not only be spotted, but money extorted from you rudely by those who don’t send you message. You understand!

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