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Hair: Going natural

If you take good care of your natural hair, it marks you out as original given that it is more flexible; it gives you the option to change the style of your hair or looks all most every day.
Some people, who at some point tried to wear their  natural hair complained and  do not do it for long because it has been damaged by chemical, so  it becomes so short and scanty;  but ask yourself before the initial application of what we call Relaxer which is chemical  to your hair, how was your hair like then? Was it not black, full, kinky and beautiful? Or is it this light, dead and frizzle as the relaxer has made it to be now?
Even kids in primary schools are not left out by being brain-washed by their mothers, making them to start using Relaxer as early as eight years. What are you teaching these children? That being natural is dirty or that God made mistake by giving you that type of beautiful hair?
Are we imitators who do not only deny our Africanness but also believed that nothing good could come out of it? Including your hair?
Yes, this is because we do not believe in ourselves, why don’t we tell the white skinned people to make their hair like ours instead of we imitating everything they do at our own detriment.
Shall we continue in this? Today it is Brazilian hair, human hair, Indian hair craze, if we like let us do implant of these hair, which does not change the fact that we are Africans! And the hair will not make us what we are not so if you can wear your beautiful natural hair, flaunt it, it is gorgeous and stylish!
Wait a minute, do you know that women spend a fortune just to get these fake hairs, whether it is original 100 per cent virgin, Indian hair or Brazilian hair ,it is still fake because it is not your hair period!
Why don’t we go back to our original kinky African hair, which made us unique while expressing who we truly are and which cannot be bought with all the whole money in the world.
Are you ready for a dramatic change in hairstyle? Nothing makes more of a chic statement than a natural healthy hair, short or long. Why hide your face behind a mop of borrowed long hair when you can show it off with a natural chic looking hair.
If you have an interesting face, natural hair will frame it beautifully so people will see you, not your hair. Natural hair can do a lot to enhance your best features and play down the ones you’re not so happy with. It all lies in getting the right partition or style.
Here are more benefits of wearing your natural hair;
It looks professional.
A person with well- kept natural hair on a job interview is going to be seen as more professional and dedicated to a career. After all, you won’t be perceived as the type of person who spends hours in front of a mirror styling your long fake hair before you come to work.  Natural hair may make it easier to be taken seriously on the job.
It has more impact!
Natural hair can be bold, sexy and ultrachic. There’s something about a woman in a natural hair that suggests confidence and flair. She doesn’t hide behind a mop of long fake hair but shows her face to the world. That’s sexy!, It can make you look younger.
Weavon tends to make one look older than her age, and yet we spend more money on it rather than on our natural hair.
It’s versatile.
You can do so many things with your natural hair. It can be packed on top of your head, curled for a sassy look, spiffed up with a curling iron, and enhanced with dozens of hair accessories. You can try a different look every day rather than having one look of hair style for few weeks.
There are some great reasons to  wear our natural hair but if you’re going to do it, make  sure you take good care of it, style it as appropriate and more especially flaunt it because it is original you.
A well -kept natural hair can make all the difference on how you feel about your hair and about yourself. Go out there and flaunt it…, it is your style!

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