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Guinness unveils Africa’s largest Orijinal Drum

Guinness Nigeria Plc, has unveiled the largest drum ever built in Africa at an event in Lagos. The drum’s dimension determined by a team comprising Alexander Forbes actuaries and Billings Cost &Associates put the measurements at 22ftx25ft.
The Orijinal drum, a cultural icon, is an extension of the Orijin ideology of celebrating the contemporary African culture. The brand recently received the endorsement of Royal Fathers across Nigeria as the drink of heritage for Africans. The drum located at the National Art Theatre, Iganmu Lagos, distinctly stands at a vantage point; a pride for all Nigerians.
Speaking at the event, Ms. Eyitemi Taire, Portfolio Director, Larger and RTD, Guinness Nigeria Plc, said “the Largest African drum is another landmark in our journey as a business and eulogizing Orijin as the original drink for Africans”.
“A drum announces the presence of the royals and the revered; it represents everything African. It is the single identifier that cuts across all African cultures. It represents the vibrancy, energy, uniqueness, and interconnectivity of Africans which perfectly reflects the essentials of the brand’s originality” Taire said.
On Orijin as a drink of culture and heritage, Taire explained, “we recognize the value of our culture and will do everything possible to keep our heritage. Orijin connects with our people at this level just in the same way a drum connects. Where ever there is a drum there is celebration. And wherever there is celebration, you can be sure there is Orijin, the drink of tradition.”
“This drum we just unveiled is representative of both traditional and modern cultures that abide in Africa. We have high hopes that this drum will stand as an inspiration to Orijin lovers nation wide. We are proud of our achievement here today. The drum is clearly the largest and that under scores the ingenuity of Africans” Taire enthused.

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