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Group demonstrates in Enugu against plan to impeach Benue gov

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 An Igbo  group, Voice  From The  East (VEAST),  demonstrated  on the  streets,  roads  and avenues   of  Enugu City over what  it called  charade by  a  sinking  ship.  

The  Convener  of    VEAST,  Comrade  Kindness  Jonah ,  who  addressed  newsmen   in Enugu on the reason for the demonstration , said members  took to  the streets   of Enugu to protest  against  what  they  identified as “crass negligence  of the rules  of engagement in undertaking  such a venture”, and queried  how  eight  members  out of 30 could plot to impeach  a  sitting Governor.

Some  of the placards  the  demonstrators  carried   read: ‘ Enough  of  this  brigandage  in this  regime’ ; enough of  bloodshed  in this regime ‘ ; enough  of security   forces  aiding and abetting  the  killing  of Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen as  they  refuse to disarm  them , but go about  disarming local vigilantes, preparatory for  full tactical  islamization of Nigeria.’

According to  VEAST, very soon , this  government cannot contain the upsurge of violence  that would  envelope Nigeria if  it  keeps on this way, while querying why police  men should  refuse 22  PDP  Assembly people entering into  the  House ,while at the same time protecting the dissident eight members  from APC .

VEAST  warned  it  would make  sure  Nigeria ceases  to be peaceful ad infinitum,  if  Nigerian security  forces under  its  Commander-in- Chief, act  funny on Orthom by removing him by  state  of  emergency  or  by  the  ruse called  impeachment.

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