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God is happy with Jonathan—Prophet Timothy

Prophet  Collins Timothy, the Founder/General Overseer of the Olive Mountain of Prayer & Praise Ministry, Ijegun-Ikotun, Lagos in this interview with Asst News Editor, INNOCENT OKONKWO speaks on what 2015 holds for the citizens.

What have you to say about our country Nigeria in this New Year?
Right from 2008, the Lord almighty has been making a name for himself. I cannot say that it is by my power or the power of any man that these wonders are being performed; God himself is the one doing these things and bringing about revelations and prophecies about this country each year. 
The year 2015 is another wonderful year but let me point out that it is a year that this nation will witness a lot of tragedies, there will be crisis in different parts of the country, there will be war and bloodshed in the country. However, there will be a great progress in the country during the year.
It is a year of mixed blessings, but I advise that parents should be very careful over their children because many might lost their children to kidnappers.
Former president,  Alhaji Shehu Shagari needs prayers between now and 2017.
Boko Haram terrorists are fighting by all means to get into other countries to wage war and continue with their bombings.  Aviation companies should increase their alertness because the terrorists are planning to launch attacks on the sector. They are planning to attack planes and airports with bombs. If adequate care is not taken, they are going to attack two planes in Nigeria and one in Ghana this year.
Moreover, occult manipulation and initiations will be on the increase this year not only in Nigeria but across other countries of the world.
There will be so many deaths in this country this year than in the previous years. Jonathan’s wife should guard against spiritual or physical attack on her person.
I saw where a Christian is finally on the seat of power in Lagos.
Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka should go into prayer for I saw where he was manipulated and he used his hand to kill himself over worries.
I heard war cries from the north, this is accompanied by bombings. Jonathan should be very careful and guard against assassination, his enemies will try but God will never allow them to succeed.
The country should pray for the ministers of the gospel, for I saw one great and popular minister of God who died and the church crumbled. I saw also a mega church that experienced heavy crisis this year. Christians need to pray over this.
Two great politicians may die in 2016.
You recall that I gave some prophecies in 2009 that crises would break out during and after the elections of 2011 and I said that that I saw a lot of tragedies and calamities during and after the elections, I also disclosed it at the time that there was calmness thereafter. The war cry that I heard was coming from the northern part of the country. I also stated during my previous predictions that bomb blasts would erupt across different states of the north.
Then the question came, ‘when would this problem end’ and the answer came that it would continue. But the Lord has opened my eyes, the problems of bombing and killing will end in 2016.
These people had shed much blood in the country but this time round, God will start his battle against this terrorists’ group this year and 2016 will mark the end of Boko Haram in Nigeria. This is what the Lord has revealed to me.
But I saw a large scale war that will start from the northern part of the country this year and if the government does not handle the situation carefully, it will lead to major conflict that can engulf the whole nation. Nigerians should pray earnestly against this. There will be plane crash during the year.
Unemployment will increase this year and government should work seriously to curtail this ugly development for the country as it will lead to increase in armed robbery.
God does not see President Goodluck Jonathan as a failure, he is a great man and that is why God revealed it earlier and has continued to revealed that, it seems that he is not doing anything now but the problem is that it will take a long time to repair the damages done in the Nigerian system and that is what he is doing.
Are you saying that God is happy with Jonathan’s leadership despite what is happening in some parts of the country?
In 2010 I made a comment which was reported by many papers, I said that there was going to be a lot of destructions and disturbances aimed at turning Jonathan away from focusing on his assignment. God is happy with Jonathan and his leadership, anybody that tells you that God is not happy with Jonathan is telling lies.
What his detractors are doing is to make him lose focus of where is going and make his government appear as a failure. He is trying to repair what they destroyed but they are destroying more but God who is with him is not happy with those who are causing these troubles in the society and disrupting the peace of the country.
What should be the way out?
The way out is that government should come to the aid of the jobless youths in the country and do something positive to reduce poverty and unemployment to the barest minimum. The government should create employment for unemployed Nigerians because the way I am seeing things this year, robbery attacks will be the order of the day both day and night, they will be visiting people day and night. Unless God intervenes there will be serious increase in criminal activities in the country this year.
What is the church in Nigeria doing to avert this gloomy picture about the nation?
The church has been trying, the church in Nigeria is trying and has been praying but what I will continue to emphasis upon is that we still need unity in the Body of Christ. Also, government should forget about the issue of taxing the church because the church is not a money making venture. It is a charitable organization.
They should not look at the church as money making venture instead the government should realize that the church is a spiritual organization, they must understand that the more the church prays for government officials, the more they are being favoured, but if the government sees the church as business enterprise and compel it to pay taxes, such move will be against the intention of God because the church was established for God’s purpose here on earth and that is what we are doing.
But some people are of the opinion that many church leaders are not telling government operatives the truth?
This is one issue that have been worrying many young Pentecostal ministers like myself and we have been contemplating upon that but I can assure you that in the church where God has appointed me, I don’t compromise and that is why in all preaching and counseling, I do not lower the standard of God’s word, if you do anything wrong, once you come, God will simply expose such a person and bring him to repentance.
I have not been with those church leaders that are very close to the government functionaries, I will tell them the truth because the truth is what I know, if I were to be in the shoes of such people that hobnob with government, I will tell them the truth because I will be killing the gospel of Christ and destroying the Body of Christ and what it stands for.
For those pastors, they should guard against blackmailing one another , the problem with some of the Pentecostal pastors is that once some of them are given a little amount of money, they will begin to speak against one another. This is the problem, they should speak what God told them to speak and leave the affairs of the word to the world. If they should understand this Bible that we carry, they should retrace their steps, the Bible says that we are in the world but not of the world. We are only to advise the world because we are with them but since we are not part of them, we are not to carry their affairs on our head but we should advise them on how to get it right.
I want to use this medium to advise some of the Pentecostal leaders to understand that it is one of their responsibilities to advise government officials on how to do the right thing. They should correct those in leadership on how to live and administer the affairs of the country.
What will be the outcome of this month’s Presidential Election?
In 2009, I made a prediction about 2010 where I stated that Jonathan would win the 2011 election and would continue till 2015 and beyond. Jonathan will win the forthcoming election.
Who wins the governorship poll in Lagos, Akin Ambode of the All Progressives Congress (APC) or Jimi Agbaje of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)?
Concerning Lagos State, I told you in 2009 that Babatunde Fashola would win and he won, in this coming election, if there is no malpractice, I believe that God has chosen Ambode to be there as the next governor;  if there is no ‘magogo,’ he will win.
Give your counsel to our leaders?
The Bible made us to understand in the Book of Proverbs that holiness and righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation. What I want the country to know is that we are in the hands of God this year 2015 and not in the hands of men; let us hinge our hope in God, we should also realize that God has the power to revive and protect us, and make our daily bread available. If we can understand this, then every man who calls upon the name of the Lord should humble himself before God. Let us live righteously and throw away immorality, lying, cheating, backbiting and malice and other negative acts. We shall live and glorify God in this 2015. We should go to God with an open heart. This should be a year of testimonies but it is not by our own strength.

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