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GKS celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ


God’s Kingdom Society (GKS) the church of the living God, worldwide celebrated the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.
The anniversary titled “Freedom Day” was celebrated in Lagos weekend.
The celebration which was organized by the Lagos branches of the church according to it was dedicated to mark the month Jesus Christ was born which it claimed to be month of October.
Speaking to journalists, the church Senior Executive Minister, Brother Abraham Irha said the fact that churches observed the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the month of April, confirmed that his birth could not have taken place in December.
According to him, having been equipped with the knowledge, let us count Mary’s conception from January as was manifest in Elizabeth declaration, we will arrive at September as the ninth month; then in the tenth month (October), Jesus Christ was born. But on which day in October his birth took place, no one can tell because there is no record.
“He was killed in April that is Nisan or Abib, the first month of the Jewish year, when the Feast of Passover or Unleavened Bread was celebrated. We all agree that Jesus Christ lives 33 and a half year. Now let us admit that He was born in December as the churches teach, it will mean therefore, that his 33 birth anniversary fell in December, and six months later, that is , in June he was slain, which is true”.
Speaking about the 2015 peaceful elections in Nigeria, he said only God can give peace to mankind, noting that man efforts to render peace always prove abortive.
“It is only God almighty that gives peace because all efforts of man to see that things go well or attain peace are relatively in vain but the real peace is from God almighty”.
“When the almighty God give peace then, peace will remain but it is only in the kingdom of God that the divine peace can be fully experience. But in the world no human being can give that full peace void of troubles but in the kingdom of God there is full peace with no trouble”.
He therefore advised Nigerians to do away with wickedness and embrace righteousness.
“Nigerians should turn to God and stop the various atrocities that occupied their minds because God himself is not happy with the whole earth because our sins are so great and uncountable” he posited.

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