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Rethinking Buhari’s Next Level cabinet

Now that the 2019 general elections have come and gone except the supplementary polls slated to hold in some states on March 23, 2019, winners including the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, should endeavour to be magnanimous in victory, while the losers should be gallantry in defeat. The period of politics is now over. The time for national building has just begun.

The elected candidates should provide basic amenities to citizens and improve infrastructure that will ensure conducive environment for the development of the nation and her economy.

Although we commend the re-elected President Muhammadu Buhari for promising to continue with his three focal points of securing the country; reviving the economy and fighting corruption, we urge that the fight against corruption in particular should be intensified and not to present it as if it  is targetted at the opposition. Those found wanting should be prosecuted no matter whose ox will be gored. All arms of government should work together to ensure greater success of the anti-corruption war of the present administration.

The new minimum wage of N30,000 must be urgently addressed by Mr. President and all forms of labour strikes in the country must be avoided this time as incessant strikes by various labour unions affect the economy just as it portrays the nation in bad light.

We suggest that the Buhari administration should set up a standing committee to review all the various agreements reached with workers in the various sectors and not limited to education and health.

The President should ensure that there is no interference of the executive in the functions of the other two arms of government-Legislature and the Judiciary- in order to maintain and sustain their independence and perform effectively.

The issue of insecurity should be tackled headlong if only to protect the security of lives and properties. It is high time the insurgents were completely subdued.

Buhari should stick to his promise of not interfering in the choice of the leadership of the National Assembly. The cordial relationships among three arms of government are what Nigerians need this time so as reap the much-needed dividends of democracy.

Considering the fact that the economy is bleeding, Government should support small and medium scale business owners financially through grants and loans, and also educational systems must be upgraded to improve education standard in the country.

It is expected of the Federal Government to balance national security with human right imperatives, and enhance safety of residents in parts affected by insurgency and herdsmen killings.

The issue of Local Government Autonomy should be addressed due to the fact that since they are the closest to the grassroots, the local governments should be given autonomy and be well funded directly by the Federal Government.

The state Governors, both newly-elected and returning must also make the welfare of people their priority and they should co-operate with the President to ensure the smooth running of the country.

The new ones should pay attention to areas where their predecessors did not pay enough attention to, and work on them, while the returning ones should consolidate on their achievements.

The incoming Governors should deal with unemployment, food shortage and bad roads in the state, without compromising the welfare of their workers.

There should be a tremendous improvement on the Internally- Generated Revenue (IGR) in the state to avoid over reliance on the Federal Government for either the monthly allocations or bailouts.

Payment of the worker’s salaries should be paramount to avoid any labour unrest which may be a cog in the wheel of progress, economic and socio- political developments in the state.

Members of the National Assembly in the new dispensation should make good representation of their various constituencies a priority by making good legislations that will better the lots of the citizenry.

What Nigerians expect form the federal lawmakers is not fighting or any form of political rivalry in the hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly.

The federal lawmakers are also expected to co-operate with other two arms of government-executive and judiciary- for the smooth running of the country.

Governments at both the Federal and state levels should invest in the economic sector to provide employment and improve the standard of living in the country.

They cannot afford to disappoint the electorate and they must ride on the wave of their enthusiasm and determination to deliver to them the dividends of democracy, for which they have been yearning.

Nigerians expect that all the leaders, both elected and otherwise, must come together to channel the energy and vibrancy of the people to positive goals.

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