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Gay marriage is abomination —Muoka

General Overseer of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, fielded questions from journalists during the two-day crusade of the church, entitled, ‘It is God’s time’ which held at the church’s headquarters in Ijesha, Lagos, where he spoke on same-sex marriage, end time and importance of prayer among other issues.

Can you tell us what this crusade, is all about?
I want to let you understand that the time of God is the time of life, whatever you want to do with God, it is the time we are alive and this is the time to receive salvation, after death, you have no more opportunity to be saved. And this is the time for people to amend their ways.
After rapture you cannot amend your ways again. In fact, every work of grace is now; if you want to be healed, it’s now. If you want to be delivered, it’s now, if you want to be blessed, it’s now because this is the time of God, time of grace.
After death, you don’t have this time again. If you did not amend your ways and life and die, automatically after you have crossed over, what awaits you is the judgment of God. That person will be cast into hell and there will be no repentance.
So this is God’s time of mercy and God’s time to meet all your all needs, you have the greatest opportunity now, tomorrow maybe too late because if you drop dead after today and did not amend your ways, you are going straight to hell fire.
And I want you to understand that for our nation it is God’s time and for the whole world, it is God’s time. Everybody should embrace God and God Almighty will bless our nation. He will bless everyone before the trumpet sounds because very shortly, Christ will come to take the saints away so, this is God’s time.
With what is happening in the world today, believers are wondering if this is the time Christ is coming. With the theme of this crusade is there any link?
It is very certain. I want to let you understand that what is happening now in the world we have just the last chance because the antichrists all over the world are organizing and doing everything possible to put their government in place across the world.
If you look at the crises in the world most of them are instigated by the armies of antichrists trying to take over and as soon as the trumpet sounds they will take over.  So I want to let you know that is part of what informed this theme. So that people of God should get ready and amend their ways and wait for the sound of the trumpet. So I want to let you know it is God’s time for us to amend, and get ready for the rapture.
What can you say about the crisis in the National Assembly?
I’m not a politician. Well, we need to pray for our nation and pray for the National Assembly members.
Still on national issue, there is this impression generally that the president is very slow, do you concur with what people are saying that the president is very slow?
All we have to do is to pray for him. Let God take care of the whole situation and help him. So, we owe him prayer.
All I want to base my argument on the new government is that we as ministers of God are to pray for them. That is the duty I owe this government.
To pray for them to have a better government and also to have the fear of God because that is what will make for unity, for peace, for progress and eradication of all vices that are in Nigeria. When we pray for them and the government fear God and they do everything according to the will of God, I’m assuring you that Nigeria will enjoy it and there will be prosperity and blessings.
All I want to say is that as long as this theme is concerned, it has connection to everything; it is God’s time for them to be able to live and do the will of God.
What is your take on the same-sex marriage that has just been legalized by the United States of America is it the sign of the end time?
It is the mark of the end time because it is very clear that you know that from the beginning God created creatures, male and female, rat, cockroach, monkey, and these animals don’t go to have relationship with same sex, so it is the degradation of humanity that has brought about this.
In fact, all what we want to do is for us to get prepared because it is a sign that the end is near. The coming of Jesus Christ is very near. This is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the present generation or the Western world is trying to imbibe it, which is contrary to God and in fact, I want to let you know that it is an abomination, so it is end time. It is just end time; Christ is coming.

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