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Former Leventis boss harps on restructuring of Nigeria

The immediate past chairman Leventis Group, Cheif Joseph Oke OON, has joined in the crusade for deisive restructuring of Nigeria.He threw his weight behind this agitation while delivering the maiden edition of the Discovery Lecture series instituted by the Lagos State University (LASU).

The former boss of Leventis Group which is regarded in business circle as as a titan of corporate Nigeria,  while delivering his paper titled Can Nigeria Survive another Century as a corporate Entity?  said the future of this country depended on its leaders could handle its polity.

The country, according to Oke, is overdue for restructuring as a federation, noting that the present arrangement is lopsided with too much power at  the federal and state levels.
He further said the local government council which is the third tier and closest to the grassroots was being marginalised .

He also insisted that the interest of all minority groups and the issue of derivation must also be addressed.

The gentle-talking chief also ran through the history of Nigeria before and after amalgamation, recalling that:”Through a progressive sequence of regimes, the British imposed Crown Colony government on the area which came to be known as Nigeria, a form of rule which was both autocratic and bureaucratic. Thus by 1914, the colony of Southern Nigeria was merged with the northern Nigeria Protectorate to form the colony and protectorate of Nigeria”.

The special adviser on education Lagos state, Mr. Bankole Olemoh who represented the state governor Akinwunmi Ambode, stated that the state  would continue to project the unity of the Nigerian people, saying: ” We must continue to talk to ourselves as a people; to engage ourselves. And platforms like this provide such opportunities”.
He reiterated that the commitment of Lagos State to education was unparalleled adding that the investment into LASU remains  stable and will be consistent.

“We want to emerge as one of the top Nigerian 5 universities in the next two years.

Following this conquest, the British imposer an economic system designed to make profit from the African labour. The essential basis of this system was a money economy. However, it became clear that the amalgamation of different ethnic and religious groups into one federation would create internal tension, but the new British administration was up to the task of controlling any upheaval from any of the various ethnic groups. After all, one of the major reasons for the amalgamation was to create administrative convenience for the rulers and make money for the crown”.

Opinions are sharply divided on the ability of Nigeria to remain as a corporate entity judging by the present arrangement in the country
Offering their personal opinions are senior members in the academia and other professionals on various perspectives to the issue of Nigeria’s Corporate existence.

Award was presented to the guest speaker and guest by the university and the host faculty centre for General Nigerian Studies.


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