Home Health FETHI toeing path of Buhari’s change mantra – CMD

FETHI toeing path of Buhari’s change mantra – CMD

FETHI toeing path of Buhari's change mantra – CMD


The new Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti (FETHI), Dr Kunle Ajayi, has said that the hospital is taking a cue from President Muhammadu Buhari’s change mantra to effect the desired change for effective service delivery.

Ajayi said FETHI was keying into the President’s change mantra which has translated to development, adding: “What change means to me is that we were somewhere before, we have looked at the way we were, what we were doing and the result that we have achieved and we find out that there should be a new way we can do it to get new result”.

The new CMD, who spoke with journalists at Ido Ekiti, said the new FETHI management, having looked at the past, discovered that management of people in the hospital had issue and was part of the issue led to the crises.
According to him, his administration is posed to change the narrative in the health facility which had always been dogged by unrests and frictions between unions and management through effective management of staff and patients.

To redress the trend, Ajayi said: “We want to have a change in terms of how we manage staff and the unions. We want to have a change in terms of how we manage our patients also so that we have positive impression about the hospital”.He said that the hospital is prioritizing improvement of staff competence, work environment and upgrade of equipment to ensure effective service delivery.

Ajayi said the hospital was taking concerted efforts to deliver on its core mandates of giving quality health services to the people, reducing mortality and morbidity among people, making access to health facility affordable and as well ensuring that patients are satisfied.

He said: “We are looking at ways we can upgrade competence among all cadres of our staff – doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technologists and everybody. Competence upgrade is an important aspect of human resource management to provide quality health services to the people.

“We are trying to ensure that the job environment is conducive. There is no way you talk about peace and productivity in a work environment that is not conducive. We are making the work environment conducive and bridging of information gap between management and staff. Members of staff have become the focus of the change that we want to effect. Giving staff the opportunity to relax and as well the opportunity of feedback.

“The hospital is also complementing the ongoing staff competence upgrade and provision of conducive environment with upgrading of our equipment. Equipment upgrade will have direct positive impact on the satisfaction of the patients. We have upgraded the equipment at different areas and service points including Ear, Nose and Throat Department, Radiology Department. We are working on equipment upgrade at Pharmacy Department. We will soon upgrade equipment at Surgery, we are also digitalizing our Records Unit,” he said.

Ajayi said the hospital had stepped up its community outreach programme with a view to reaching out to people to enlighten them about preventive health and maintenance of good health for people to be aware that it is cheaper to prevent diseases than to cure.

The CMD said: “We are working with the people as well on outreaches, telling people about preventive health because it is better to prevent than to cure. We are expending a lot of resources on outreaches in communities, talking to people on how to prevent and maintain good health”.

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