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Fayose a political blackmailer, pathological liar – APC

The Ekiti State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has described the State Governor, Ayodele Fayose as a notorious “blackmailer, electoral robber, political harlot and a pathological liar.”The party made the remark while reacting to Fayose’s claim that some Chieftains of the APC were plotting to compromise a section of the judiciary to remove him from office.

In a letter to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Walter Onnoghen, Fayose urged the CJN to resist the move and preserve Nigeria’s democracy.

But reacting to Fayose’s allegation, APC said the governor was afraid of his own shadow as a “lawless misfit in the position of authority who has no respect for the supreme law of the country after his serial rapes of the constitution but who is now jittery and as a result, has resorted to blackmail” .

In a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, APC dismissed the allegation, describing it as the “ranting of a notorious blackmailer, electoral robber, political harlot and a pathological liar”.

The party dismissed claim by Fayose that its Chieftains, who were former governors of the state, Segun Oni and Kayode Fayemi met and boasted of the governor’s removal.

Olatunbosun stated that the governor was only jittery and afraid of the consequences of his many infractions on the law.

The statement reads, “Fayemi and Oni are too decent and busy in their assignments to engage in such frivolous boasts that Fayose is accusing them of. Their track records as democrats and ‘Omoluabi’ is there for all to see as opposed to Fayose’s hit-and-run and ‘bolekaja’ reputation.

“The same Segun Oni he went to visit at his country home with funfare recently is the same man Fayose is now accusing of plotting to remove him from office, which shows clearly that he is confused and suffering from hysteria.

“Fayemi and Oni would rather busy themselves with the development of Ekiti instead of making Fayose, who has caused much embarrassment to himself and Ekiti people, their topic.

“Fayose is on a familiar terrain to save his head with such a pre-emptive blackmail as usual even though he knows the details of the crimes he had committed and has continued to commit against the nation.

“He believes he is the wisest Nigerian who thinks he can cunningly manipulate people’s reasoning and cheat the law to get away with his crimes, otherwise how can Fayose indulge in that disingenuous allegation that he is being haunted for refusing to join APC when the truth is that APC leaders have been frustrating his pleas to join the party to save his head.

“A man who invaded the court to beat a judge and assault court officials with thugs to stop judgment delivery on his perjury case has suddenly realised that the judiciary must not be compromised.

“The guilty is afraid of the consequences of his many crimes against the Nigerian state and we wonder whether he is the one to tell the Supreme Court on what to do.

“Why is Fayose jittery if he actually won the election? What will be the role of Mr Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court on the matter that only the Supreme Court can decide?

“Though no case has been filed before the Supreme Court, if a party feels aggrieved in Ekiti State election matter and decides to urge the Supreme Court to have a second look at the matter after the revelations in Capt Sagir Koli’s audio tape, military reports and confessions by PDP principal leaders who participated in the poll crime, there is no amount of blackmail of the judiciary that will stop such aggrieved party from approaching the court to seek redress no matter how long.

“It is the practice of criminals all over the world to always cry wolf when the long arms of the law is about to catch up with them after their serial criminal activities against the state and denial of the citizens of their legitimate rights.

“Because he always knows that he will one day pay for his crimes, this is not the first time Fayose will be shouting about plots to remove him: if his accusation is not against the House of Assembly members, it will be against the judiciary, but the question to ask is; why will a governor who always boasts to have won with a landslide be afraid of being removed by real and imaginary enemies?

“What this means is that Fayose knows that he didn’t win the election in actual sense of the word, otherwise he should have nothing to worry about if he has nothing to hide about the circumstances surrounding his victory and we wonder why he is assuming the role of a judge in a matter that has not even been filed.

“Instead of thinking of how to make life better for Ekiti people who he has dehumanised through his misgovernance, Fayose is always looking for all means to attract public attention to himself through blackmail as his strategy, while fabricating and promoting fake stories is his stock in trade, including lying against God as could be seen in fake prophecies.

“By Fayose’s desperate move, it is a sign that he knows what the rest of us do not know and we assure him that he will never escape justice, as he shall become a reference point in Nigeria’s political history that crime does not pay.

“We advise Fayose to face governance and stop running from pillar to post shouting about imaginary attempt to unseat him. He should provide security and make the state safe for all and pay the backlog of arrears of salary and allowances to workers and pensioners with the new bailout of N8.8 billion, which he is again frittering away like the previous loans.”


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