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Factor that causes pot belly

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Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, ailments related to digestive system and problems in the bowel movement are the underlying reasons for the appearance of pot-shaped belly. The excess deposit of fat in the abdominal region due to excess weight is another reason for the irregularity in the shape of the tummy.
Experts also believe that pot belly is caused by excess calories. These calories lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen; hence the abdomen protrudes excessively leading to a pot belly. The calories can be derived from foods, especially foods that are high in fat.
Researchers claimed that some of the pot belly is soft while some are hard. Those that are hard were due to an abundance of fat under the abdominal muscles otherwise known as visceral fat. Visceral fat remains unhealthy as it exposes humans to diabetic and heart related diseases. According to findings to avoid visceral fat people need to be aware of these common causes
Excess calories: the most direct cause of visceral body fat accumulation is the over consumption of calories. When you consume large quantities of fatty food you tend to have more visceral fat. Visceral fat is the kind of fat that collects in and around the liver and other internal organs. A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to visceral belly fat.
Eating Too Many Bad Carbohydrates: There are good carbohydrates and there are bad carbohydrates. Eating unrefined carbohydrates like fruit, legumes, vegetables and whole grains is good for you, and helps in weight control. Eating biscuits, cakes, donuts, white bread and other refined carbohydrates does the opposite. Eat too many of these carbohydrates and a person’s insulin level will rise. Their metabolism will slow down, and the excess sugar the body can’t use will be stored as belly fat.
Drinking too much alcohol:  beer belly is the common term for excess fat that has accumulated due to drinking a lot of alcohol on a regular basis. Drinking excessive amount of alcoholic beverages can cause pot belly (expect wine according to research) alcohol contains nothing but empty calories that are stored in the stomach area.
Lack of exercise: the lack of exercise limits the amount of calories you burn, making it easier to gain weight. A sedentary lifestyle also causes muscle wasting which further slows your metabolism. To stimulate your metabolism and burn fat American Council on Exercise recommended daily walks lasting 30 minutes, strength training will also boost your metabolism and control pot belly.
There is however ways to rid of a pot belly. Even though it cannot be diet off, cutting down one’s dietary fat intake remains the way out.
Healthy lifestyle remains the way out. Consult a dietician and figure out your diet plan. If you find that excess gas formation is the reason for the appearance of your tummy, you may eliminate the food items that promote it. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and onions are found to promote the formation of gas leading to protruding tummy. Ask your dietician if the food items can be eliminated from your diet for a certain period of time. In addition you should concentrate on the food items that are best for your health and will help you get rid of pot belly. Add fibre to your food. Lack of regular bowel movements may also contribute to the appearance of pot belly. In such cases you should include fibrous food to your diet. Have one or two servings of fibrous food such as whole grains and wheat bread in the day. The fibre in the food stuff will help promote the smooth movement of bowel which will in turn flatten the tummy. Drink plenty of water. Adult should drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. Keeping yourself hydrated will promote the smooth bowel movement. Quench your thirst with plain water, instead of carbonated drinks. You may opt fresh fruit and vegetables juices as well, but not the sugary drinks.

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