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Environmental noise, pollution worry Onitsha residents

By Phil Okose Onitsha

The incessant environmental noise and herbal pollution caused by marketers and dealers in traditional medicine products and services is now a source of worry to the residents of Onitsha, the commercial nerve centre of Anambra state.

Hardly will one breeze into Onitsha from any of the gateways without being greeted first by the environmental noisy herbal pollution which is more pronounced at the notorious Upper Iweka axis along the Onitsha/Owerri road.

Urging the state Government, authorities and regulatory bodies of those responsible for the herbal pollution to bring their members to order, the President, Concerned Elites and Better Society Initiative,

A Non Governmental Organization, NGO, Prof. Justice Chidi, who is also the Director of Turning Point Learning Field, lamented that nothing is being done to help sanitise the Onitsha environment.

He said, “if you go to anywhere these traditional medicine dealers are selling/marketing their products, the kind of gutter language and noise pollution they use, like child abuse, pornographic and extortion languages they give to the society/public, will send any sane person around packing”

“They are so corrupt in their noisy utterances that one wonders if they are from hell when you hear them.”

“Their noisy utterances include, ‘a rigoru nwanyi enu two minutes a rituo,  pennis o na-akwu oto ka o na-ada ada, Bia were ogwu ya ebe a”, among other gutter languages that will make children to one day try to practice what they said in the name of marketing their products”

“It is the kind of thing that endangers and pushes young boys and girls into hard drug addiction because they are announcing hard drugs that people can take for those of them who have problem of pennies erection, among others”.

He advised that there are better means of advertising their products instead of holding the public hostage via noise pollution.

“There is a way you treat such messages when you are making public announcement. The messages you are giving to the public should be filtered in such a way that it will be directed to the point and not

to abuse the people and again the kind of noise pollution create within every neighborhood where they are found is very incredible”

Also reacting, a trader at Oseokwodu market, Mrs.  Nneka Omenga said, “whenever I come to the market I will be deaf until the market is closed because they will be announcing their products without breathing”

“They talk all sorts of abominable things and that is why I don’t allow my children to come to the market to avoid being corrupted by their gutter languages. I wonder if the government does not know about these people and their products.”

“I laughed to stupor one day when they said “I have medicine for pennis ejaculation within one minute; bring a barren woman we shall impregnate her within one week”.

A student who lives within the premises of such people at Nkpor and who simply identified himself as John, said, “from 7am to 8pm everyday what you hear is pennies,  virginal remedy are ready, come and take your own now before they are finished”.

“I mercy for those who go for their concoction because their sickness becomes worse from there” he noted.

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