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Elites are problems of Nigeria –Donald Duke

Nigeria not out of recession, everyone including me is broke – Duke tells Buhari’s

The former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, has said the elite were the problems of Nigeria, pointing out that corruption the country started over 50 years ago in the country.

Duke stated
this on Monday in Lagos during an annual summit organized by the Partnership for a new Nigeria, (PFANN) in collaboration with project Nigeria Movement.The former Cross River State Governor believed that there was nothing that could be wrong with a nation that cannot be fixed by what is right, adding that lack of projection for the future had paralyzed Nigeria’s advancement for the future. “Corruption didn’t start overnight in the country. It started after independence when the country experienced a new leadership from the rule of the White to our own countrymen, more than 50 years ago .

“There was a lot of poverty after independence and lavishness on the part of the elites after independence. It was as if the nation substituted a white man for a corrupt black man. Nerves were inflamed and this led to the coup of 1966. “The cheap money we derive from oil boom led into production laziness in the country. Government was making cheap money from the sales of crude oil The most tragic thing that had happened to us as Nigerians is the lack of productivity of individuals in the country, which led to the rise of Boko Haram, Biafra, militant agitation, etc. “Today, history is no longer taught in schools for the future leaders of this country to learn from the mistakes of past leaders. We can’t avoid the past.

“We are now clamouring for restructuring, the shout is loudest from the South East. Why didn’t the cry for restructuring start during Goodluck Jonathan regime. The structure of Nigeria should last 100years, from 1914 to 2014. This led to the failure of the confab of 2014. “A government that cannot deliver food for the mass population should forget about democracy. We Evangelist Elishama Ideh, one of the organizers of the summit, said PFANN was not a political body, adding that the main focus of the organization was to promote the right people into the position of leadership.

“We have made mistakes in this country; we have come up here to provide a solution and clamouring for humane governance. PFANN was born out of a passion God gave to serve our society, the homeless, the orphans and drug addicts, who are readily rejected and marginalized “We can co-exist as a Nation; we have people who meet on the streets, give birth to kids on the streets in uncompleted building and at the garage. I saw abject poverty in the land. It became a concern to me; children under these circumstances will later become a menace in the society.

“My heart bleeds over what Nigeria Is experiencing, I want to see a great new Nigeria, I believe a new Nigeria will emerge from the
“We have been raped by our leaders; we need leaders who will not come with a mindset that they must take their national cake. People in darkness will say that. I see a new Nigerian coming up, a new Nigerian that will serve the people and every Nigerian needs to rise up. We need people that will turn the tides of our time”, she said. Present at the summit were Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Junior, Olawale Thompson, among others.

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