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Election will be peaceful, but…, – Prophet Kogberegbe

Prophet Samuel Kogberegbe is the founder and Shepherd in-charge of the Holy Michael Church of the Lord (Aladura) Cherubim and Seraphim, Lagos. In this interview with FEMI-OLUSOLA IKUGBAYIGBE, he speaks on the 2015 general elections among other issues. Excerpts…
In March and April this year Nigerians will go to the poll to elect their leaders, as a man of God what is your prediction as regards the elections?
We have prayed on the elections, definitely, there will be chaos because some people want Nigeria divided, to some people they don’t want the elections to be peaceful, so for these reasons we have prayed as men of God to make sure peace reign before, during and after the elections.
Sir, recently, the former Nigeria President, Olusegun Obasanjo dissociate himself from Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is this move good for the nation Democracy?
Not that Obasanjo wanted to leave his former political party, PDP but he respected himself because he doesn’t want Nigeria to be destroyed, he wants the best for this nation. He doesn’t want anybody to claim to be too big for correction, he doesn’t want anyone to be angry, during his tenure he tried his best and he doesn’t want Nigerian economy reduce to nothing, he is a plain man and God is happy with him. I knew him for over 35 years and ever since then he has proved to be a straight forward man.
You said some people wanted Nigeria to divided, what can we do to prevent this?
God will not allow their plans to succeed, we have some people praying for this nation in their secret places but you can’t know them because they don’t show themselves, as many you see and heard shouting in the media and doing that for their selfish interest, they are not doing it for God. And let me tell you, God is not happy with this set of people because these same people shared the blood of the innocent Nigerians.
Following the political trend in Lagos State, it has been the progressive bloc but in this year election, the PDP is making all efforts to dislodge the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, as a man of God what is your take on this?
Anyone that God wanted to be successful, evil people would not like to see him because it is the devil that is controlling the world today. God from his infinite mercy will choose the best and the rightful candidate for us in Lagos State.
What is your take on the recent report that some pastors collected money from politicians to campaign for them?
Those pastors are mad and they are not true men of God. It is uncalled for, how could true men of God collect money to campaign for politicians instead of praying for peaceful election in the country. Our duty as men of God is to pray for our people and the nation at large for peaceful co-existence of our dear nation.
What do you think can bring development to this nation?
Patience, listening to instructions and prayer by so doing our country will move forward.
Sir, what is our expectation as Christians in the year 2015?
We should be expecting trouble from God.
But sir, God doesn’t give his children trouble.
He will give it to us because those who claimed to be children of God are not doing his (God)’s will, look at the way people are killing themselves, doing what God instructed them not to do. The only people who will get good rewards from God this year are those that follows his (God)’s instructions and do away with evil.
Pastors involve and participate in politics, what is your take on this?
There are difference types of politics, as a man of God in politics your duty is to pray for the nation and the world at large so that there won’t be any problem among the politicians but it is not advisable for men of God to belong to any political party.
All political parties are ours as men of God. Let me say this categorically, I am not been subjective, men of God participates in politics are making a lot of mistake because when you look at the life of Prophet Samuel in the Bible,
He was the last prophet to rule in Israel and Samuel didn’t engaged in politics but he was chosen and ordained by God to lead the Israelites, he went through tutelage under Eli and he was propelled that this is the true man of God by the people. So, is the same way you don’t need to projects yourself to be Governor or president of a nation as a man of God, if God want any pastors or prophets of to rule Nigeria today,
He (God) will choose the person but not for them to say they want to rule the country by force and make decision for God, God is not stupid, you cannot dictate for Him. Just like the recent happening where a bill was signed to law in England which allowed men to get married to each others, if God is stupid, he shouldn’t have allowed Adam to slept and took one of his ribs and made Eve, if he wanted men to marry themselves, he could have make another man but he created a woman because he saw the need that the man needs a help mate.

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