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Ekiti: Fayose using civil servants to rig election – Oshiomhole

Ekiti: Fayose using civil servants to rig election - Oshiomhole

… Says his past hunting him


The national chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has accused the Governor Ayo Fayose of intimidating civil servants in Ekiti into surrendering their voters card ahead of next weekend’s state governorship election.

The APC Chairman also alleged that Fayose’s past where he heavily induced electorate to subvert the Ekiti people’s mandate. Briefing newsmen at the party’s secretariat in Abuja on Friday, Oshiomhole said, “I feel like every armed robber, Fayose thinks that the very instrument they had used to get into power, he’s afraid that those instruments will be used against him. But this is a party of change, we are not about to copy the most darkest side of the PDP and there is no better evidence of this.

“Like I said earlier, if it is the one he’s afraid of, that he will be rigged out, why is he collecting PVCs from registered voters? Why is he giving queries to people who have refused to surrender their PVCs? Why is he harassing Provosts of polytechnics and heads of Universities and various institutions, promising and directing the lecturers to award 20 per cent free marks to any student that votes for his candidate.

“So, sorry to say, I like to respect whoever God made a governor. It doesn’t matter how he came into power, one needs to have some respects for that office. But to be honest, I think Fayose enjoyed life. But the truth is, he’s hunted by the ghost of the forces he used to capture power because he didn’t win last election.

“Number two, you were all witnesses to the fact that we had conducted elections in the South West. In Osun State, we went for Senatorial election and my party lost, and I believe PDP won, we didn’t complain of rigging, we conceeded that people of that Senatorial District preferred Adeleke. And as much as I wish the outcome was different, we accepted it as democrat.

“You are also witnesses to the fact that in Anambra State, we went for a battle there and when the governor complained that his security was withdrawn, the President quickly ordered that his security details be restored.”

Still insisting that Fayose was rigged into office, Oshiomhole said, “We all know Fayose was rigged into office, and this is no secret. The military officers involved have since confessed the roles they played. The dollars withdrawn from NNPC that was distributed in Ekiti, those involved in it, these are no secret any more.

“The Chief of Staff that time, who was involved in the operation, everybody has gone to town, singing how they manipulated the will of Ekiti people and I don’t think you have forgotten the name of one young captain who had to go on self-exile after having to confess that he couldn’t reconcile his conscience as a young officer, to the orders being given to him and other young officers by military Generals who were deployed to ensure that Ekiti State election was rigged.”

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