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Edo political problem needs spiritual approach — Prophet Timothy

Prophet Collins Timothy is the General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Prayer and Praise Ministry Ijegun-Ikotun Lagos.  In this encounter with Daily Champion, Timothy reveals what should be done to avert some of the looming disasters he foresees in 2020. Excerpts.

Some of your past prophecies on the state of our nation have been accurate considering what is currently going on in the country. What should citizens expect in 2020?

There are so many things that we should expect in this 2020. As I was praying on December 27, 2019, concerning the New Year, the Lord opened my eyes and started showing me so many mysterious things that are going to unfold in 2020.

Among the things that were revealed to me are wars and conflicts in many countries of the world. For instance, the conflict between the United States of America and Iraq is just the beginning of a serious conflict that will later unfold.

If Iraq comes up with an apology and begs to make peace with America, it will be a strategy to launch an attack afterward because Iraq is seeking for an avenue to come to the US and strike. The Iraqis are not going to relent and the war will go on until 2023.

During the year, they will be going from embassy to embassy and from city to city, looking for American citizens to slay. Some many other countries will join in the conflict. Many Arabian nations will join Iraq to attack the US that is why Americans should be very careful.

The world will witness plagues this year. Disasters such as volcanic eruption, tornadoes and earthquake will equally occur in different places of the world and these will affect many lives.

In Nigeria

There will be fire outbreaks in some markets this year and many major markets will be affected, two important markets will be engulfed by fire.

In Edo State, there is going to be a major crisis in the state, starting from the governor down to the local government chairmen and government functionaries. I see a gang up against the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki . Crisis will breakout at Ekpoma, Uromi, irrua and Ishan among other towns in Edo.

I foresee where the herdsmen invade some villages in Edo State during the year. They are going to restrict land owners from going to farm. There will be serious battles that will take lives in parts of Edo.

It is going to take place from the months of June, July and August this year. Security should be beefed up in Irrua and the surrounding communities.

In the forthcoming governorship election, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole has already positioned a candidate to replace Obaseki. This will lead to serious political battle. Obaseki may triumph eventually but Edo State needs prayer intervention from men and women of God in the state.

There shall arise some group of people who will unleash terror to the people of Edo. These people will be going from place to place harassing people and taking over their belongings.

Imo State needs prayers because crisis will erupt in the state. I foresee assassination attempt in Imo State Government House. Armed robbery and other violent crimes will increase in the state during the year.

The attacks will be so relentless that some people will relocate from the state and if the state government fails to put in place a good security network, some businesses will be forced to close down as a result of insecurity. Imo State will be a rallying point for criminals from other neighbouring states.

In Enugu State, there will be crisis during the year. Herdsmen will invade the state and there will be killings and raping of women and girls. All that is needed is prayer for God’s intervention for the state.

I am seeing a gang up against the Abia State governor, Dr  Okezie Ikpeazu. He will face a serious battle as some groups will want to force him out of office, it will start with demonstrations over salaries and entitlements.

Aba, Umuahia road will witness constant attacks by hoodlums. Some law enforcement agents will be conniving with the criminals and will be lending weapons to these men of the underworld to perpetrate their nefarious activities.

So the citizens are not safe unless something meaningful is done to nip the problem of insecurity in the bud in these places. Unless there is serious prayers for God’s intervention, Abians will be in a serious problem.

Activities of ritualists, fraudsters and yahoo boys will take a new dimension this year. They will device new means to lure their victims. This time, they will be using people’s clothes, underwear, hairs from the salons as some of the means for their money making rituals.

They will be buying hairs of both sexes from some of the salons. The caps and headgears will be used as well as men and women underwear. These are what the demons are instructing his agents to do for money making.

Any woman that is not careful and sleep with any of these men will be in danger of losing her life; it will be a gradual death. Those men and women that were initiated into such kingdom of darkness always take something away from any person they have intercourse with.

If their women lie with any man, the man will start to dry up, the same thing applies to the women, after sleeping with such men, the woman she will either be mad or she will start to dry up from head to toe.

There will be crisis in the Christendom, I see some pastors suddenly start leaving the Christian Faith to join Islam. These pastors are those that are being lured by material things and the quest to acquire wealth.

Many fake prophets will arise from 2020 to 2025. The more they arrest them, the more they will be rising. Their altars will be filled with blood.

There will be wolves on the altar; it will only take God’s intervention to put a stop to it. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) will have crisis and many clerics will go down. I saw the death of two notable individuals including a prominent church leader.

However, God will lift many clerics to the limelight that their names will be heard during the year but any clerics will go down as God is going to demote many of them.

In the entertainment industry, two actors will die, if they are not careful, one will die through accident and the other two will die through sickness. Two musicians will also die.

I foresee some foreign powers mounting pressure on Nigerian President and if care is not taken, I see the president being removed from office by some external powers.

What is your counsel to the nation?

There are many prophecies that are still hanging which will be made public before the next quarter. But what I have to tell the nation is that in this New Year, God is only going to save those who are purified and are ready to serve Him in line with Matthew 6.33.

Anyone that wants to succeed and enjoy God’s protection should seek the Lord first. Those who do so will enjoy special favour from Him this year and beyond, when they pray God will answer.

Many things are going to unfold this year and we need God’s intervention. For example, there will be air disasters, one in Nigeria and two outside the country.

How can these things be averted?

We can only avert these disasters trough prayer. If those that are called by God should come together in sincerity, humble themselves and pray to God, He will hear such prayers on behalf of the nation.

I speak not because I want to speak; I’ m a man that speaks by the leading of God. God who gave me this commission has been speaking through me and most of these revelations have come to pass over the years.

Concerning Edo political impasse, it is not beyond the power of prayer. If the men of God in that state can come together in one accord and one heart and pray to God, He will restore normalcy to the state.

There is no way that God will not intervene in affairs of the state. Let the men and women of God in the state forget about denomination because there is no denomination in heaven. They should take it upon themselves and do something reasonable for the state.

The same goes to the men and women of God in Abia, Imo, Enugu and Lagos states and indeed the whole Nigeria, let them come together and pray for the good of this country. With prayers the living condition of the people will improve.

War may breakout in Nigeria in 2023 if the crisis that will lead to war is not properly addressed. There will be national crisis this year but it will not lead to war. The conflict will be a result of disagreement between the seat of power and some group of people in the South West.

I foresee a big line of separation in Nigeria in 2023. A group of boys to be known as unemployed youths will emerge and be going from place to place causing havocs.

They will be attacking the people and collecting their belongings. Lagos State government should put adequate security in place to tackle these people.

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