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Duke dumps PDP for SDP, says Party a shadow of self

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Former Governor of Cross River, Donald Duke has finally dumped the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP saying the party had lost its values and now a shadow of itself compare to when it was formed by its founding fathers.

Duke, who has also indicated interest to aspire for the office of the presidency under the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), said that it got so bad in PDP that even a former president under the party had to leave.

The former governor who spent 20 years as a member of the former ruling party said, “The PDP we joined in 1998 is certainly not the same party that is in place today. When the former President of the country walked away from the part, you should know there is problem somewhere.

“PDP is the first truly National Party, but over the year you will see that it lost that and became a shadow of itself. That today, zoning is actually a betrayal of the ideals it started off with.”

He said that he also left PDP to SDP because the nation was seeking for rebirth and most Nigerians were seeking for something different and better, which the SDP represented.”I believe that the nation is seeking for rebirth. I believe that most Nigerians are yearning for something different and better and I am hoping that like minds as we see will come together

Duke also disclosed that he would be contesting for the position of the President under the platform of SDP. He said that though 2019 elections may be tough, he was confident of victory.

Asked of his view on the President refusal to give his accent to the amended Electoral Act, Duke said that there were a lot of politics around the electoral act.He said that the president’s refusal to assent the bill may not be unconnected to the issue of reordering of the election sequence.

“I think that it is still largely the underlying reasons for the refusal of the President to veto the amended act. In politics people want to take advantage of what will satisfy them.”He expressed hope that issues surrounding the amended Electoral Act would soon be resolved in other not to affect the 2019 general elections.

SDP Deputy Chairman, Abdul Isiaq, while receiving the former governor disclosed that its presidential nomination was not zoned to any part of the country, but opened to all eligible Nigerians irrespective of their zones.

Isiaq who said, “The party gives Nigerians the Constitutional right to test their popularity. People do mistake to think that the decision of the party in power will affect every other political parties.

“SDP is an opened door party. It is about mobilisation and canvases. Whoever the party chose as candidate, so shall it be.He welcomed Duke to SDP, saying it is a party with committed members and driving force. Our platform will be committed to the process.

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