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Don’t consider legislature as second fiddle -Lagos Assembly


In apparent celebrative mood of Lagos at 50, members of the State House of Assembly have called on the public especially the elites not to consider the legisture as “playing the second fiddle,” saying the Parliament remains the fulcrum of democracy.

This was the general comments expressed by the lawmakers during plenary on Monday. As a follow up, the House is to hold a special parliamentary session on 22nd May.

The Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, who presided over the plenary said: “It is the first time the House would be discussing the laws that have been passed since 1979. Among the three arms of government, the legislature is so powerful, the only thing a legislative body cannot do, is to turn a man to a woman or a woman to a man. We are appealing to the elites not to see the legislature as second fiddle. We are at par with other arms of government.

The Speaker, however, cautioned his colleagues, saying we should show good conduct in the way we interact. Outside the Chamber, let’s abide with decorum wherever we find ourselves. We should continue to be selfless; we should continue to think about our people; we should continue the ADR, Alternative Disputes Resolution.”

In his contribution, Bisi Yusuff, representing Alimosho Constituency II, said the state legislature remained the best in terms of transportation and social infrastructures in the  country.

Bayo Osinowo explained that “we are celebrating because we have things to showcase. As a House, we have helped the executive to showcase performance. There is no state or governor that can perform without the support of a good legislature.

Osinowo recalled that “we took over the House since 22 years ago but we are operating in peace. Some have paid the supreme sacrifices but democracy has come to say.”

According to Tunde Braimoh, “it is a matter of great delight because of this auspicious occasion. The elementary functions of legislature have helped to shape democracy.”

Segun Olulade also recalled that since the period of the first Speaker in the State, Oladosu Osinowo at the Old Secretariat members have been responsive to the yearnings of the people.

He cited example of dreaded Ebola disease, saying with the support of the House, the deadly disease was prevented from spreading.

Oladele Adekanye pointed out that one aspect that should be celebrated is the peaceful coexistence between the legislature and the executive, saying: “It would be difficult to achieve anything without peace. Peace is the desideratum


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