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Day Akure stood still for Muoka

Akure, the capital of Ondo State, recently witnessed great soul awakening inspired by the arrival of the revival train of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in a crusade entitled, ‘There Cometh One Mightier Than All,’ held at the expanse ground of the new proposed Araromi stadium in Akure.
The crusade which was presided over by the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen, Pastor Lazarus Muoka was held at the expanse ground of the new proposed Araromi Stadium in Akure with an unprecedented crowd that filled the entire space and beyond.
Just as the great Apostle Paul desired that Israel should be saved, Pastor Muoka in his pre-crusade media chat noted that his desire since the establishment of the ministry is to make the Yoruba nation particularly the Sunshine state of Ondo to partake in the blessing God Almighty brought to mankind by the emergence of this ministry.
Preaching at the crusade, Pastor Muoka assured the participants that God brought the crusade to give answers to their myriads of problems most of which have defied all known solution. He said that the programme would mark the end of era of unanswered prayers which has caused many people to subscribe to the deceit of the devil and his human agents such as sorcerers and occult men who knowing that the End Time has come, take advantage of their ignorance to captivate as many as they could and afflict them with different kind of diseases.
He said that the revival train of The Lord’s Chosen was in Akure to draw the attention of the people to the spiritual truth of the hour and revive the heaven consciousness of the people. According to him, the time of ignorance of not knowing that God is the One Mightier than all has come to a stop by this crusade. Thus, having this knowledge no human or Satan can stand against His wishes. He posited that if they are ignorant that God answers prayers and have gone to consult sorcerers, native doctors or diviners, but have managed to come to the crusade, may be out of curiosity, they would not go empty handed, because all the prayers and desires of the participants shall be granted for God Almighty shall prove that He is mightier than all their enemies.
“God has seen your affliction and has come to deliver you from the hand of your enemies. If the doctors have failed you, in this programme, God will deliver you. If you are confused in life and have lost hope of getting the blessing of God, in this programme, God will give you hope. If your case is that you don’t have favour from man, in this program God shall grant you favour, and after this program the people of Ondo will never be the same again as God will start a new thing in their lives” he said.
As always the case in all his crusades, there were evidences of the presence of the Spirit of God. And the proof was undoubtedly, the miracles which were wrought, and the remarkable conversion of multitude of sinners to God. Those that were afflicted by various diseases ranging from physical disabilities to mental illness were healed.
Many who came with diverse ailments received instant healings.
One of them was Bro Seun a 21-yr –old- young man who was brought deaf and dumb by his aunty. According to the aunty, he had speech and hearing impairment since 21 years ago and the family had tried all they could to find solution to his problem to no avail, until opportunity came by the visiting of The Lord’s Chosen revival train. She said, the title of the crusade was what informed their coming as she has already believed it was only One who is mightier than all could deliver him since doctors have failed him.
By faith during the deliverance ministration, Bro Seun’s tongue got loosed and he started speaking and hearing at same time. Also among the recipients of the goodness of God at the crusade was Sis. Bumi, (35yrs) who was healed of deaf and dumb, Bro. Ahmed who before now was an acclaimed occult grand master gave his life to Christ;   Sis Patricia Adeyemi had her yoke of deaf and dumb broken instantly during the ministration.
The physically impaired were not left out as those that suffered broken bones as a result of accidents to spinal cord injuries, stroke, paralyses, even those that were wheeled into the arena on wheel chairs, lifted up their clutches and wheel chairs to celebrate and glorify God for making them walk again.
There was another case of instant healing of Sis Abiola who was brought into the crusade on chain as a result of madness. She was excited as she discovered her sanity has been restored.
There was indeed a mighty display of the power of God. Of course, there is no other way to prove the manifestation of the presence of God than in the demonstration of His power in a revival where the sick were healed, lame walk, the deaf hear and the immoral are converted unto God. Indeed, Pastor Muoka’s sermon established many, in health, grace and truth, in faith and holiness, and made some have a change of heart from their wicked life.
He charged participants to be steadfast in righteousness and holiness for in doing so they will retain the blessing of God from the two days crusade. “You should not fear what man can do unto you. Let that man do his worst, let him, plot, persecute and blackmail, what you are sure is that the One mightier than all is on your side, and nobody can harm you,” he said.
According to the spokesman of the ministry, Pastor Louis Chidi (Jp), Ondo State can never be the same again as there will be a positive change in all strata of the government and the citizens will attest to it. He said that from the sermon it is clear that the people will no longer be wallowing in ignorance but should draw action plan toward a better relation with God who is mightier than all.

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