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Dapchi: APC stage-managed abduction -PDP…..Fayose congratulates parents of released Dapchi Girls, accuses FG of conspiracy


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said abduction and subsequent release of by the Dapchi School Girls by the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government was stage managed ‎even as it called on the United Nations (UN) and the International Criminal Court‎ to declare the saga as a war crime against humanity and immediately commence investigation on the matter.

While demanding the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in the saga, the party also demands for the setting up of a UN monitored Truth Commission to unravel the facts around the Dapchi event as well as the abduction of Schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State in 2014.

In a chat with newsmen ‎in Abuja on Wednesday,‎ APC National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus said that the opposition party thinks that there is more to the whole saga but advised the government to also negotiate for the release of the remaining Chibock girls.

‎In a separate chat with the media,  PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan ‎said the party rejoices with the girls and those whose daughters were brought home safely, however urged Nigerians to be alert and continue to monitor the activities of the APC as 2019 general election approaches “since it is now clear that this government will stop at nothing in its desperate bid to perpetuate itself in power against the will of the people.

“Our Party considers this act as wicked, callous and tormenting to use innocent schoolgirls as pawns in an ignoble script that was designed to hoodwink Nigerians and orchestrate a great rescue and security prowess of a conquering general, all to push a 2019 reelection bid, is an unpardonable gamble with human lives.

“While this failed Dapchi drama remains a poorly crafted tragicomedy: a scam of no equal dimension, Nigerians are not ready to forgive the APC and the Presidency for the torments inflicted on the girls, their parents and the human community worldwide just to score a cheap political point.

“Nigerians know that the main aim of this devilish act was to delude the public, set the stage for an orchestrated rescue, create a heroic myth and false sense of achievement around the APC administration and serve as a spur for President Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration to contest the 2019 presidential election, perhaps in the coming weeks.

“As a political party, we want to further state unequivocally that by all ramifications, this is a war crime against humanity and gross violation of human rights on the part of the APC administration, all in the bid to push a selfish and ill-lucked 2019 ambition.

“There is no evidence that the Boko Haram insurgents or any militant group abducted the schoolgirls in the first place. Rather, what is evident to all is the high level official manipulation of security movements in Dapchi both in the staged abduction and the returning of the traumatized schoolgirls.”

PDP also said that it is instructive to note that till date, no report has been presented by the National Security Adviser (NSA), who has been charged by President Muhammadu Buhari with investigation of the abduction and this is in addition to deliberate efforts by the government to suppress free flow of information around the abduction.

“Even the regular Nigerian on the street has examined the events leading to this abduction of our daughters as well as their release and can deduce the obvious.

“Nigerians are all aware that both the abduction and return of the schoolgirls were dramatically preceded by questionable withdrawal of troops and all security apparati at checkpoints and flashpoints in the Dapchi area.

“They are also aware that the Buhari Presidency, as the principal command center of military operations, has refused to come out clear on the compromising of security and why no arrest has so far been affected in the entire saga, thus betraying a high-level of government conspiracy against the citizens for political reasons.

Prince Secondus “the main issue is, how were they kidnapped? The government had set up an investigative committee,  we challenged them to release the report on how they were kidnapped.  The mystery surrounding how they were abducted and also released is another issue.

“Whether it was predetermined, nobody knows. Government should release the investigation report, because there are doubts here and there. Whether there were conspiracies to get them out and bring them after, to earn some reputation nobody knows.

“As we challenge the APC government to release the report, we also asked that never again should this type of thing happen in our country, where for purpose of boosting profile of this failed government or whatever the purpose maybe that security left Dapchi School and immediately they left the girls were kidnapped.

“Well the government said they negotiated for it, but we charge the APC failed government to also negotiate for the release of the remaining Chibock girls. All these things happening are strange, never happened before.  It seems to me that the centre can no longer hold. This APC government is broken.‎”

Meanwhile, Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has congratulated parents of the abducted Dapchi Girls that were released today and sympathized with parents of five of the girls that reportedly died, describing the abduction of the girls as an indictment on the federal government and their release as “drama scripted by the government and its agents to swindle Nigerians.”

Fayose, while reacting to the release of the abducted school girls, said; “This appears like an arranged abduction and an arranged release, but we thank God that the innocent girls have returned home and we condole with parents of those that died.” In a statement issued on Wednesday, by his Special Assistant on Public

Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said it was strange that the girls could be brought back to Dapchi by their abductors without the security agents knowing when they were returned and who returned them. He said; “Curiously, the same spirit who made sure that all military checkpoints in Dapchi and other surrounding towns were removed to pave way for abduction of the girls also made sure that the girls were returned without any security agent seeing them.

“One can only be hopeful that the real script writers behind this drama will be exposed one day. “Nigerians should recall that the Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Geidam said that military checkpoints were withdrawn from Dapchi and other communities a few days before the abduction of the 110 girls. This was also corroborated by the Amnesty International in its report that was published in the newspapers yesterday.

“Specifically, Amnesty International said that security forces failed to act on advance warnings that a convoy of Boko Haram fighters was heading to Dapchi town and that between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm on February 19, 2018, calls were made to tell the security services that the Boko Haram insurgents were in the Dapchi area.

“No doubt, withdrawal of military check-points from Dapchi and other communities, few days before the 110 students were abducted and failure of the security forces to act on advance warnings exposed the conspiracy of the federal government and its agents in the abduction of the school girls and other dastardly acts of the insurgents.

“Interestingly, no one was questioned up till now despite conflicting claims by the army and police as well as the damning report by the Amnesty International hat between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm on February 19, 2018, calls were made to tell the security services that the Boko Haram insurgents were in the Dapchi area.”

The governor, who reiterated his allegation that Boko Haram insurgency had become source of treasury looting; said; “Those benefitting from Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) scams, payment of ransom (in dollars) to free those abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents, among others will never wish to see the end of the insurgency.”

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