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Customs boss warns officers against taken hard drugs, kick backs‏


Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (rtd) , has cautioned officers and men against taken hard drugs, receiving kick back through goods undervalued.

Col Hameed gave the warning in Bauchi while addressing officers of zone D and the state command Wednesday saying ” if any one of you is into hard drugs and   not caught, he should stop it or if you are inkling to take it, you better stop or else you found yourself to be blame”.

According to him,”Those of you who are into hard drugs , you should get them out the services and hand them over the NDLEA for prosecution that is what is supposed to be done we cannot condone this anymore, you are warn”.

He said during recruitment in the past, arm robbers will come and they will be recruited, because they have God father, drugs addict will come who has been to rehabilitation center 10 times is well come in to customs and today we are having drugs addicts in to customs we are paying money to rehabilitate them is despicable.

“We supposed to protect this nation by making sure all this hard drugs did not come in to the country and here we are with people taken this hard drugs, do you think this people working in the border will stop this drugs from coming in to country certainly no”.

The Custom boss also warn officers against kickbacks and indiscipline, “anyone indicted of indiscipline and corruption would be made to face the full wrath of the law.

He insisted that officers under his watch must rid themselves of kicks backs and corruption or be prepared to face maximum year’s imprisonment.

According to him, the era of indiscipline, undeserved promotion and deployment to “juicy commands” are over. “The system cannot continue. We are seen as corrupt officers because we prefer to collect bribe. But we don’t bother to check goods irrespective of what they carry, just because of our corrupt tendencies.

He said henceforth, anybody caught collecting kick back or involved in any act of indiscipline will be investigated and if found guilty would be dealt with.

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