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CRD revokes 14 licenses, raids illegal operators

Courier Regulatory Department (CRD), the regulatory arm of Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has revoked the operating licenses of Kwara State Transport Corporation, Aero Contractors and 12 others for failing to meet regulatory standards.
CRD also raided the premises of six unregistered operators, accused of operating without licenses.
Dr. Simon Emeje, senior postmaster general of the federation and head of CRD, said that unregistered operators activities cannot be monitored and accused them of engaging in sharp practices, fraud and diversion of items.
Other operators whose licenses were revoked apart from Kwara State Transport Corporation, Aero Contractors are: Abia Line Courier, Akro Express, AMD (PDC) Nigeria Limited, Arrowhead Courier Limited, Askol Nigeria Limited, Base Aviation Systems Limited, and Ben Courier.
CRD’s hammer also fell on Best Courier Limited, Beta Courier Services Limited, Bruno Courier Services (Nigeria) Limited, Cenok Express and Global Express.
Also, the CRD raided premises of four unregistered courier operators in Illorin, Kwara State and two in Lagos.
The affected operators include, Ajase-Ipo Road, Offa Garage; Young Legacy Line, besides Femi Hospital, Unity road; Watmus Transport Services-Ajase-Ipo Road, offa Garage and Kasmag Line, 9 by 37 Unity Road, all based in Illorin, Kwara State, while Shippyme based at 13 Hughes road, Alagomeji, Yaba and DealDey, an e-commerce platform with warehouse at 17 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, both in Lagos, were also raided and sealed.
On the revocation of licences of 14 courier firms, Emeje, said: “The reason we are doing this revocation is that they have lost touch with our regulations. Many of them have not shown face in the last three to four years. If some of them are operating behind, they will definitely not be operating well.
“We have considered them a thing of risk for the public to continue doing business with them. Anybody who has lost touch with what is going on-in terms of regulations and standards, will of course not offer good services to the public. We do not want people run into them, patronizing them and complain of losses.
According to Emeje, the industry’s assets are worth over N300 billion annually, but mainly fall, however, the activities of illegal operators, lack of adequate laws (in the absent of an independent regulator), unprofessionalism, among others, have caused several losses in the industry.
Against the backdrop, “It is unfortunate that only 20% of the industry’s potentials are tapped. We are delisting these operators to clear doubts that might be on the minds of both international and local investors, because when the integrity is there, they can be sure of recouping their investment. We will not allow the bad eggs to take over the industry. It remains a continuous exercise”.
Commenting on the raided unregistered operators, Emeje said, “We want to use this medium to announce a development. We have found in the industry that many corporate bodies have bought motorbikes, delivery items/parcels to their customers or clients as the case maybe without courier licences.
“And we all are aware that courier service is a timely, sensitive, a door-to-door service. By our law and regulations, no corporate body is expected to undertake a delivery of any item for a fee or commission. Any company that does that is doing it illegally”.

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