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COVID-19 ; Nollywood accuses Lai Mohammed of bias in appointment of advisory committee

By Phil Okose Onitsha
Members of the Nollywood industry, have expressed their worry and
dissatisfaction over alleged Federal Government bias in the appointment
of Nollywood representatives in the Creative industry committee set up
by Federal Government to advise it on the Coronavirus pandemic now
killing scores globally.

Reacting to the non-inclusion of elected leaders of Nollywood to
represent them shortly after the Minister of Information and Culture,
Alhaji Lai Mohammed, disclosed the appointees that made up the committee, the National President of Association of Music and Film Producers and Marketers of Nigeria, AMUFPMAN, Evangelist Macson Justice Nwasike, said that, “AMUFPMAN is the base of Nollywood, we are suppose to be in that  appointment, I personally have to be included in that appointment as the National president of AMUFPMAN. We are suppose to be number one in the appointment even before you talk of guilds.”

“The appointment is not 100 per cent correct because you have stakeholders  you can not do without. What kind of individual
appointment is that when you don’t have the producers and marketers
involved. Most of those individual appointees are actors and those of
us that are producers and marketers should be first in the committee
appointment. I saw somebody like Ali Baba in the list of the committee
members, Ali Baba is a comedian and not marketer or producer”

“The composition of the members is totally wrong and Government should
look into it and set up a fresh composition that will involve all stakeholders  and leaders of the various associations that make up Nollywood industry and not by individual appointment but associations leaders’ appointment”.

“With the selection of those individuals to represent Nollywood by the
Federal Government as members of the newly set up committee of
industry stakeholders to advise it on the best way to mitigate the
effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, nothing will be achieved as they
will be there on individual capacity”

Also reacting, the Chairman, Board of Trustees, (BOT) AMUFPMAN, Prince
Ubaoha Uzoma,described the appointment of the individuals without
first consulting the leaders and members of Nollywood as an embarrassing  and appalling omission adding that AMUFPMAN as a mother union should be first in the appointment.

“Government ought to have involved other unions within Nollywood even
if we welcome the involvement of Nollywood in the war against covid-19,  it should be our leaders that will represent us because we elected them to represent us and not individual representation”

“AMUFPAN should be there, we are talking about proper and matured
representation, this is not time for aguement”, he stated.

In his own contribution, the Anambra state chairman of AMUFPAN,
Comrade Damian Ogudike, reiterated that, “it will be counter productive  to allow those individuals selected by Federal Government and disclosed by Lai Mohammed to be committee members, to represent Nollywood , those people selected are not experts in the industry”

“They don’t know the nitty gritty of the industry. The advice they will  give Federal Government will not be for the interest of the Federal Government if it continues to work with them. They don’t know what is happening in the industry”.

“The committee should be reconstituted because we acknowleged that
people involved in the committee are also not enough compared with the
numerical strenght of the Nollywood industry”

The Delta state Chairman of AMUFPAN, comrade Orisemeke Melekwe,
advised that the committee should be all inclusive for proper

He frowned at non consultation of the leaders in Nollywood prior to
the appointment of the committee members and regretted that AMUFPAN
was not also in the committee.

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