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Constitution amendment: Senate buries restructuring

Nigeria sits on ‘ticking time bomb’ – Saraki

…Rejects Devolution of Power, Resource Control


Senate on Wednesday buried agitation for restructuring with the rejection of proposal for Devolution of Power and refusal to remove  Land Use Act from Constitution.

Senate adhoc Committee on Review of 1999 Constitution had presented 34 clauses for the amendment ‎ but the Senate passed 29 clauses.

At the consideration of the report in Senate on Wednesday, when lawmakers were asked to vote on devolution of power‎, 46 senators voted in favour of the bill while 48 senators in an electronic voting kicked strongly against the proposal.

On the delection of Land Use Act from the Constitution, 46 Senators voted yeas while 44 senators voted No to the proposal.

Also, the proposal for  35% Affirmative action for women especially in the political sphere as regards appointments was also rejected by the Red chamber as 49 senators voted yes while 43 senators voted No.

The lawmakers also rejected a bill which seeks to guarantee a married woman’s right  to choose either her indigeneship by birth or by marriage for the purpose of appointment or election.

Senate also approved independent Candidature for anybody that is seeking political office, the senators overwhelmingly voted for the proposal.

According to the Committee report on Independent candidature, the bill is aimed at expanding the political space and broadening the options for the electorate by allowing independent candidacy in all elections.

The lawmakers also overwhelmingly voted for the inclusion of former Presidents of the Senate and Speakers of the House of Representatives in the composition of the Council of states.

Senators also voted in support of abrogation of joint  ‎Account between States and Local governments in Nigeria.

In addition, the Senate also approved financial autonomy for state legislatures and also Senate approved appointment of Minister from FCT.

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