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Colour as a means of nonverbal communication says a lot more than you can ever imagine in fashion. Colour being the fundamental consideration in the design process can also affect someone’s ability to concentrate or to focus well if being picked in harmonious way, it could alleviate ones mood and concentration.
In fashion, colour can also have an effect on the way someone appears to look in the clothing they wear. Good colour combination has the potential of projecting one in a way that it has not being thus it could make you taller, slimmer or even heavier or ills if not harness properly.
It is often the first element that is noticed about a design and it influences how the garment or collection is perceived.
Colour is often the starting point of the design process. Gender and personality as well as the colour of the skin are the most common factors for determining the type of colours a person will wear.
Good combination of colour is an important part in every human life fashion especially for women. Combining stylish colour together with good apparel in your closet can make you stand cool from crowd.
These days, fashionably colour shades mixed rightly are easy to get to in several designs and fabrics giving you a perfect latest look.
These fashionably sophistication of combining and matching colours in our clothing can add more style, or sexy tone to your outfit, hence good knowledge of how colours work in design is paramount for all.
There are large variations of collection of styles, colours and shapes designed by world famous brands in the market now so whether you are picking already made or custom design the right colour and shade should be put in place.
To look eye-catching is the ‘right’ everyone has and women have particularly dead-on to look boundless, therefore, importance of good colour combination in our style should not be relegated to the background because understanding how the choice of colour we make in our fabrics works may help us in making our choices right.
Males are typically dressed in dark colours such as blue, black, green, gray, red, and brown. These colours are usually worn in various shades but they still consist of these primary hues/colour.
While in the other hand, females typically wear lighter colours such as pink, yellow, cyan, lime green, orange, and peach and these in different shades.
Women and girls also can wear the darker colours that are normally associated with men but men normally may not be expected to wear lighter colours associated with women.
Colour of a specific clothe/s also has an Impact on, Your apparent shape, weight, personality and  emotions.
Wearing shades of the same colour (that is, a suit/top and bottom) from head to toe is not bad but you can add glamour to it by wearing different textures of the shade probably a shirt or top in a brighter/lighter shade will create a vertical Line-slimming thus making you look slimmer and this will also emphasise your face.
If one wants to look taller then he or she is, should wear a light colour from head to toe, also try to match shoes to hemline colours but this as i said earlier goes to women because men cannot try this.
Generally, the smaller and the thinner a person is, the lighter the colour she should wear, with the reverse for taller, heavier types. Simply put, if you are heavier go for darker colours because it helps to minimise the contours and make you appear slim and tall.
However, the right colours can make your skin tone appear more even, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles and make you look brighter and healthier.
While on the other hand wearing a colour which isn’t so good for you can make you look tired, dull and even ill.
Create your own colour story without restricting yourself to just two or three basic colours. Choose colours which flatter and enhance you, not colours you have to work hard to wear to look alive.
Don’t be afraid to try new colours and shades, because is only through experience that you will become selective about colours and tones which compliment or do nothing for you.
Finally, be colour conscious right down to your toes. Sometimes you only need to change the colour to make it work!
Our fashion colour choices say a lot about the image we are trying to portray and how we feel about ourselves.
Care must be taken with the basic colour of the garments if unusual colour accessories are to be worn to advantage.
Check the colour of the fabric against your face. Hair, eyes, and skin colouring, plus the occasion for day or evening wear.

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